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"Gath" writks from Washington to he Chicago Tribune tbat, tbs official staff s domoralized." Not nnc man whoni (lie leople dolighted to hottr address thom teeps bi populnrity. Imagine Boutwell on tlie etum]i in North Carolina, Oglesby in New Kngland, Logan in Ohio, Butler in New York. These were among the great stumpers of 1K72. The physioal vigor of four of th roost powrful men in the ]Lej)ublican party íh goae. Itenry Wilson, B. F. Butler, O. 1'. Morton, Zachariah Chandler. A long Btross, ninteriupted waste of nerve-filire and temperaraont, have worn the personal of the Kepublioan jiarty out." Butler, Chnndler, and Morton iu thiB dmólizèd condition ! These npostles of temporalice, coutinoncf, woman autl'ragt;, and all noble refoims, " peggod out " both niorally and physically. Sad to conteoiplato and our poncil reí uses to pursue the subject ! - The Ypsilantiííií?í gen tly hints that fumalö extra vagauce - in dress and living - oiuiR ís more piiuperisni and crime tlian tho uso of alcoholic liquors, and thai such extra vagance is really the parunt o: a good deal of intemperance. There is 'soiaething in it," no doubt, but, then are the Udies wholly respo&nblec' Don't thoy aim to dress to ploase the gantlemen of tbeir acquaintunce - fatlierR, husbands brothors, etc. t Is n't the general extravaganoe chargeable more directly to tbe fact that the tnidtlle and poorer classes - men and women- try to rival in style oí living the families of tbe wealthy ? That is one of the failings of republicanism or domocraey. - A Republicau Congressional caucus was held on Monday evening. Senator Cbaudlei presiding. A motion was made providing for a Congressional Comraittse to sujjorvise the coming elections, pending a'tion on which, Lynch, colored, discussed the Civil Eights bill and urged its passage, pltdging the colored vote to tho llepubliotms whether or no. An oftbrt to introduce the financial situation causei the immediate adoption of the motion for u Dommittee, and a speedy adjournjournment. " Tho wicked fleo when no man pursuoth." - Bill Allen, of Ohio, the " relio" wlio made the dry bon es of Republicanisn rattle in that State in October last, is credited with this good one, Morton (that is tho great iuflation Senator) hav ing intiuiattd that he was senile : "Mr Morton suggcsts that I am too oíd to be your Governor; that my time of life and loss of vitality unfit me. Can he speak to you, fellow-citizens, in a voice like Ais [bfllowing splendidly] 'r1 Am I withered froin the hips down?" "Hitting the buli's eye," we should say. - Last week we extracted from the Nation an argument againat woman suffrago. Disposed to give the women suffragists fair play, we this week copy a roply to the same from Harper's WeeMyThe writeris George W. Curtis, and if bo does not succeed botter as a woman suffrage advocate than he has as " civil vice reiormer he wou t help the cause much. He is a sentimentaliat and visionary. - The Jackson Citizen says, in an article discussing the proposod admission of New Mexico and Colorado : "New Mexico is made up largely of bastard Spanish, half Indian, lazy; rascally, greasy, venal, immoral, superstitious, ignorant, and only fit to figure in a census." And yet the House has passed a bilí to inake New Mexico a State, and give her "greasers" two Senators. What next? - The Republican State Central Coinmittee met at Jackson on Tuesday, and decided to cali the nominating convention to be held at Lansing on the 26th of August. The convention will be larger than horetofore, the committee inoreasing the representaron from two from each Represen tative district to four, with two from each organized county being but a fraction of a district. The Democratie State Committee should follow this example. - " The Assyrians came down like the wolf on the fold, their cohorts all gleaming with purple and gold : " a forewaming of the fate that Michigan is to suffer i'rom the woman suffragists of other States. They aro coming in swarms, men and women, long-haired and short-haired, to instruct the men of Michigan how to vote. Well, let 'em come. - It now turna out that the report of the House Judiciary Coinmittee in favor of remitting the fine imposed upou Susan B. Anthony and censuring Judge Huut, was the sole work of Gen. Butler, and that it had not been seen or approved by any othcr tncnibor of the couimittee. As sharp practice as that of Mrs. Stanton in taking votes at her meetings. - The Detroit Kvening JS'ews is exceedingly disgusted because the nëw Inssne Asyluin has been lost to Detroit, and denounces the Buooeesful Pontiao as tho dullest, deadest town in the State ; while the Tribune derivos consolation from the fact that Detroit was not beaten by "Utiea, or Iukster's, or Royal Oak, or Ecorse." - The Pomuroy bribery case (ex-Senator Pomeroy of Kansas) lias been adjourned to July 27th, to accommodate tho attorneys tbr the defunse. Petitions were presen ted, signed by York, Siinpson, Johnson, and Horton, who " put up the ob " on Pomeroy, praying a molle pros., but.Judge Morton refused to order suoh au sntry. - The reoent address of Senator John P. Cook, of Hillsdale, to his constituents, ñas so stirrea up tüo Kepubhcans that the organ oí' the Stato üfficers at Lansing will come out to-day with a lengthy reviow, the ame having buen furnished in advanco to the Detroit " organs," and publishcd therein on Wednasday. - In tho House, on Mouday, under a suspension of the rules, a bilí for the admission of Colorado as a otate was passed by yeas, 170; nays, 5. A full Houso consists of '292 atemben. Another " rotten borough," though a little loss odious and odorous than the New Mexico schenie. - And Sawyer, too, has resigned : he who competed for the palm of ignoranco and inefficioncy with Richardson, and vied with him in signing papers in the "regular order of business"- without knowing their contents. - The House bil! for the admission of tho rottou borough of New Mexico has ïot yet been called up in the Senate, and t is to bê hoped that it " sleeps the sleep ot' death." - Did the Chicago Pont and Mail mean o carry doublé when it wrote, " Senator Jhandler is against all water improvenients." - It was wouien who assaulted and brow beer in„thu faces of crusading ladies at Manit;e ; it was a woman wlio ockod up the Adrián crusadert last wak and kopt thi-iii in duranoe vile Reven ot eight hours ; it. wan n woman who i saalted witness and hu officpr at Adrián two or threo dayg hlto. And yt woman siiffrage is fo prómote tbe spread of temperanco an3 ;ill moral reform. Porhaps! - The storm of Fridny afternooil and evenini; ]sst wa.i very dcstrn;Hv( in Detroit, tillinií "I' Bewer, boeking water into clhirs, deütroyiltg stocks of ilry goods, grpceries, etc. The dainages are variously eetiiunted ai trom f 100,000 to 200,000. - A Boohester man ïuimed Lowi Bwift is oredited with tlie discovery of a iiew planet. " It is quite bright and ha a tail about half a (legres in length. It must bn a sort of colustial "connpctin link." And now for tho lost man with a teil. - The " late lamen'od " Artomus Warr proposed to dispose of the national deb by paying it oft' in greenbacks and letting tho greenbaoks wear out. Fully iis senai ble as theinflation schoines of Morton Ferry, Togan, Butler, Field, Oongcr i Co. - A " Butter Convíintion " is to be held at Indianapolis ot tho 27th inst., Wednesday next, at wliich $1,000 are t be awarded as premiums for eleven essay on butter-making. There is need of im provement and reform in tliat branch o business. - Schuyler Colfax (the great retirec is to deliver the annual address befor the united Literary Societies of Olive College, the evening before the comin Commencetnent, or June 17th. - The Lansing HtpiibHam persista i being unreconciled to Elizabeth CadStanton : to the great grief of the wouia suffragists of the State, who sec defea in divided councils. - The Lawrtnoo House at Adrián wa struck by liglitning on Tuesday after noon.creating great cunstornatiou aiuon the inmates, but doing no great damage - Gold closed in Wall gtreet Wedne day at 11 1 . The Detroit I'mt goes for one of Mr Stanton's stook argumenta (?) in favor v: woman suffrage in this wise : " One other huiubug is common arnon lecturers on this subject. It is that wo men are clussed with idiots, lunatic children, and oonvicts. beoause all thes do not vote. This is absurd. If true then gentlemen who vote aro olassed wit paupers, diunkards, thieves, rascáis of a kinds, ignoran] usus, demagoguüs, par doned traitors, semi-aliens, Sauborn Tweed, and othera of that sort, becaus they all vote. Mr. Stanton voted. S did Tweed, and ever so many murderers drunkards, thievea, uid fools. Was Mr Stanton thereby, in Mrs. Stanton's opinión, cla,ssed with all the rascáis and degraded men who vote Iu tact, and in commou-seuse, there is no degrndation in either voting or not votiug, on account of classifjcation. Woinen are the honored olass in this Statu ; and whoever says women aro degraded here not only iusults the poople of Michigan, but everybody knows that the assortion is a seifevidont and ridiculous miarepresentatiou. The Ypsilaxïi Commercial vory kind ly sounds the following note of warniug " It will be bad policy for the aspiran for political honors to plant himsol: athwart the progress of huuiüuity, the cause and spirit of reform. The politi cian in Michigan who opposos wouian suffrago will politically have no place for the soles of his feot. The suffragists are positive men and women." There, if any man eins in the face of that sentence he will sin againstligtit. But, then, if none but the women suffrage inen are to be considered as hereafter eligible to office the field of selection will be exceediugly narrow, and the doctrines of " natural selection " and the " survival of the fittest '' will both be largely ignored. Can it be that the Commercial speaks bv authorityP Os Thursday uight of last week an attempt was made to run off and wreek the night express train on the Michigan Central Eailroad, at a point about six miles west of Battle Creek, known locilly as Johnson's Curve. A signal station house near was bioken open, the repairers tools obtained and a bar looseued. Fortuuate]y the train passed safely over, when the raised bar was struck by a hand car, tho villainly discovered, and track repaired. The embankment is about 20 feet high at the place, the curve sharp, and the success of the wretches would have caused a teirible accident W;is murder or plunder the object ? Tue Maschestbb Bnterprue says : " Will Manchester havc to pay her road bonds, is a question asked by niuny of our citizens " Has Manchester auy railroad bonds outstanding t is the question the Argus would ask. If our recollection is not at fault the Manchester aid bonds were withdniwn from the office of the State ïreasurer and caneelled. In that case thero are no " innocent holders" to sue in a United States Conrt. Guess Manchester is safe. The iwo branches of the llhode Island Legislature voted for United Statos Senator on Tuesd.ay. Gun. Buunside led, but failed of a inajority in either body. l'our ballots were taken in joint oonvention on Wednesday, but without a ehoice. The vote on the last baüot stood : Burnside, 40 ; Dixon, '2G ; Howard, 14 ; Barstow, 12 ; Scattering, 4Ü. The Senate passed the Jloioty ing bilí ou Wednosday, by a vote of 58 to 3. The House disposod of the bill for the disposition of the Qeneva award, adopting a Butler substituto by u vote of 132 to 101. The Conference Committee's report on the Ariny appropriation bill was also agrecd to. We omitted to chronicle last week the Eepublican viutory in Oregon. And now we are able to say that the Republicans didn't cairy the 8tate " at all, at all.'1 Grovek, Democrat, was elected Governor ; La Dow, Democrat, to Congress ; and, in faot, tho whole Democratie State ticket : that is unloss another turn ia given to the wheel. PONTIAC having been uwardod the new Iiismie Asyluiu our frieud of the BUI Puster was foithwith taken with u. cruzy fit. At least we judge so on the evidence the illustrated cdition of' his journal turnishes. Ralph C. Smith, a prominsnt real estáte agent and operator at Detroit, conimitted suicide on Saturday last by taking prussic acid. Financial embarriissment is suppoaed to be the cau9e. James Lick, a wealthy eitizen of San ! Francisco, don't helieve n his ' trutors .ji executors distributiug lim b an tun, mi.i so han niitde deeds of trust or itonatiou foi tli rollowiag pur p. s7ii(),(?xi t. tli uoRstnteUoa oi ihe iorgebl timl Uwt tuleacope in t.liu world, tm = r i obnerrutury at Luki' Tahott ; l420,KX) f or public luouuiuentt) ; $150,000 f or pulilio bathd m tliis oity ; $100,000 tor an ld ludiek' borne ; 1 10,000 to tLe society I For the proteotion of tníimils (25,000 io ' tho Ladius Protectiou Reiint Somety ; 110.000 to the Mechanica' Libraiy ; estunt Orphan Asyluni, $25,000; to the i City of San José tur an Orphan Aüyluui, i $25,000; $150,000 tor the erectiou of a I Urouzo moiiuuiuiit tu the autbor of " The i Stur Spangled Banner," in Gelden Gate I Park ; $300,000 for the endowment of a School of ineclmnic arts in California. Tbn residuu, in encew of $1,700,000, to the Pioneer Society. He makes imple provisions forhis lulativi's m the reseive of a horuestead, md $'5,000 per uinuin for himself. Tuk (;oni:i:s'(ixt)KÑCK between Senator Jones and President Gkant, includiug a "menioreucluiii" of the latter's views on the finaneial qupstion, will be found in another column. The reader luay well suppose that tlie publica tion of these papers caused great eommotion at Washington, - espeoially in the camp of the inflatiouists. This " memorandum" settles one thing : that no financial bill that does uot look to the resumption of specie payincnts or that sniells of inflation, will receive the signatuie of the President. That is enough for one paper, even though the details of the Fresident'a plan niay not be fully indorsed. J. C. BaNCKOFT Da VIS, Assistant Secrotary of State, was nominated on AVednesday, to be Minister Plenipotentiaryand Envoy Extraordinary to the Germán Empire. Title enough to stagger under. Why notplain Minister '


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