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A Prosperous Fall

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lue New York Time thinks that ' there is less excuse than usual tbr the :roakers wlio try to excite distrust in refreace to fb business prcmpeota ot' the country," tmd mlils : Legislntion this nession oannot now f. 'eot trude one way ur the other - busiae t men know perfeotly well whnt they mve to expect. Thero will be no intiaion, and the Treamry Department is row in sirong hands and will undoubt?dly be supported by the President. The suramer Katon is, ofoourse, alwaysrather Juli, but we muy oonfldently look forward to a jireat revival ot' trade as the fall approaobes. ïhere is nothing to causo unetisiness or to justify the predictions of evil wliich prooeed from certain quurters. Such predictions seldora or never come true. When uieu sit down and wait for inisfortuue it never comes. The bolt generally falls from a olear sky - as it did last year. Business will soon resunie its regular course after the adjournment of Congress, and we shall be much deceived if we do not see an unusnally proaperous season next fall.


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