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lOE SALE ! A (JOOD MOWER, FANNING MII.T,, AND LUMBEE WAGON. Inquire ut J. FERDON & SON'S Lumber Yard 1482w2 Estáte of Cyrus Beckwith. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, county of Washtennw, sa. O Notioe is hereby given, that by an order of the Probate Court tor the county of Washtenaw, inade on the uinth day of Juno, a. d. 1874, six months from that date were allowed for creditors to present their claims against the estáte of Cyrus Beckwith, late of said eounty, deceased, and that all creditors of said deceased are required to present their claims to said róbate Court ut the Probate Office, in the city of Anii Arbor, for examination and allowance, on or efore the nittth diiy of December next, and that ich claimt will be heard before said Court, on 'eduesday, the ninth day of September, and on Wedneslay, the ninth day of December next, at ten o'clock iu the forenoon of each of those days Dated, Ann Arbor, June 9th, 1874. NOAH W. CHEEVEU 148w4 Judge of I'robate. Estáte of Louis Lux. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, county of Washtenaw, 88. O At a seasion of the Probate Court for the eounty of Washtenaw, hulden at the Probate Office, in the city oí Ann Arbor, on Fnday, the flfth day of J une, in the year one thousand eight hundred and se vent y four. Present, Xoah W. C'heever, Jndge oí' Probate. Ia the matter of the estale of Louis Lux, deceased. On reading1 and fllinf the petition, duly veriüed, oi Edward Duit'y, praying for the appoiutment of au Administrator on tlie estáte of said deeeased. Thereupon it is ordered, thtit Monday, the sixtb day ol July next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be I aañgned for the hearing of said petition, and that the heirs of luw of said deceased, and all other persons interes-tul in said estáte, are required I to appear ut tt seBfiion of aaid court, then to ba I holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, ajxd mIiow cause, if any there be, why the prayer I of tlie petitiouer should not be granted: And it is fnrther ordered that said petitioner give notice to the persona in tarseted bi sau estáte, of the pendency of I said petition, and the hearing thereof, by causing a I eopy of this order to be published in the Micltujan Awjvs, i newspHper primod and circulating in said county, tlnce BUQ068va wteks previous to said day oí I leanng. [Atriwoopy.] MAH W. CHEEVEK, lis Judife of Probate. XTEW BAKEEY! BLÏ,OSVoulil infoi m their numerous friends and the public enerally, that they have fitted up the storo lately ceupicd by .1. C Wutsou & Co., 28 Eaat Huron St., s a Bakcry and Confectionery Store, and hope by a strict attention to business to merii and reet-ive a tílmre oí patrouage. Particular attealooii wül bepaid to the Jee-CriMim Department, We4Ün C;tke8, Pyramids, all kinds of Fruit Cakes, and Ice-Jreaiu furnished families or partiea on Nhort noüce. Fraah Fruits aud Confectionery aïways on hand. Crooda delivered free of charge to any part oí' the city. Keniember the place, No. 28 East Huron Street. Aun A rb, ir, May 27, 1874. E. STILING, W. 8TILDÍ0. rpAKE NOTICE. I have tliis day employed Mr. Clark, who, for the past -0. veáis, has luid eiiarge ol' the Cook's Hotel Baru, and Formero or othera who wish their hurse fed und watered nccordiug to orders, at reuronable ratea, will Üud the " Jld Reliable " at th Monitor Livery Stable, Cor. Hurón and 8econd streeti. Ana Arbor, lia; 14, 1874. J. V. GHEGOKY, Prop I XICHIttAJ CEHTRAL R.YILBOAD. ST.'XIMKH TIME TABLE. Ciwwiigri truinn nou leif lh rovvrnl itutiom OJ v; ffM . ik 5 M :S ] S (5 A. M. A. M. P. M. r. M. i M. p. M )etroit,leuv(;. 7 o lo 00 '2 Ofl 1 10 S 4m 10 mi psilanti, s 85 1 1 10 3 08 5 30 7 10 AnnArbov, 8 50IH M 3 ïi 6M J 45 11 Si Doxtei, 9 17 - - 3 50 6 20 R 10 helsea, 0 38 - - 1 1" I Ornan Liike, 10 U P.M. 4 41 ackriOM, 10 3 12 ;:') t hl 9 38 1 01) P.H. :ii1;iiiihi.i,. 1 58 3 OS S -20 12 28 hicaftu arriv, 7 Si 1 00 , :,t 8 00 OOING EASI. I is i! i i - f Í i & I & 1 & Sil a e k f-, q A. M. A. M. P. M. P. II. Chicago, leave, 5 HO e 00 t 151 1) imi P. M. A. M. A. M. Kiilariüii",. 11 1)5. 1 35 5 00 1 2 35 1 r. m. !a. m. jRCkson, 2 ; 1 05 s 00 12 80 9 10 GrassLake, 8 dh s 31 , Chelaea, - 8 55 a. m Dextcr, '3 50 9 17 f, SS Anti Albor, 4 18 6 1 '.) M 1 5". 8 30 7 Ou Ypsilanti, I 85 5 27 1(1 10 2 16 6 Ml 7 2i Detroit, amre, 5 55 6 ■■" 11 20 ;', 30 8 001 8 45 The Atlantic and Pacific Express run betweeu Jacknon and Niles on the Air T.lue. Dated, May 24, 1S74. DETROIT, BLILLSDALE & INDIANA RAlllíOAD. OOING WKST. - 1S7S- OOISG EAST. STATIONS. Slaii. Exp. HTAT1ONB. Kip. Mail. A. M. 1. II. Detroit, dep... 7:15 6:46 a. m. p. m. Ypsilanti is:4.i 7:15 Bunkers .":4S 2-15 Saline, 'J:áí, 7:4:; Hilladalo i:15 2:80 Bridgewatur . . 9:50 S:00 Manchester.... 8:35 4:0S Manchester. ...10:22 8:18 Piidgewater . . 9:00 428 f. i. Saline 9:2.5 4:45 Hillsdale 1:00 9:52 Ypsilnnti 10:0:! 5:15 Bunkers 1:15 10:00 j Detroit H:M 6:5t Traína run by Chicago time. W. F. l'AKKlil!, Sup't, Ypsiltmti. JTRÖM HEADQUARTËRS, THE POSTOFFICE QUESTION IS SETTLED AT LAST. BEAL IS BEATEN HV THE k.T'CriT ARBOE AHIÖVITDRAL CO. Who aunounce to their (ustomors tliat thry wil sel] Full Trimmed Wagons, Wminmed forone year at $75. including all extras. % l'ne, Spring beate, Whiriletrees, Neckyokes, afid top baae. This sale to be for C.'ish. aud tü be open for Thirty Baya. Al-u FILL TRIJIJIEO PI.OHS, 10 DOLI.tltS. Fivrmer3t if you wish to supply youraelves nov is the time for cash. All gopda wiirrHnted. Míj article in our lineequally luw Ve are uever undcrsold. We are gettina on a full stock of nMriLííú Ano Müwiiüü of the Johnston Patent, which we otïer eqoally low, and we will put up (1,000 that tho Combined Reaper is the best, cheupeat anti euaiest working combined Koaper and Ifower in the IJ. S. of America. The old reliablc Keaperia too well kuown to requin? any backinf, it is adinitted by all that it is the best Reaper in the Union. We wouM also say thnt we wi'.l sell all our joods f'or Cash ut lower figures ilmu they can be bought elsewhere, und every artille to suit puichaser or no sale. Cali lief ure Yon Buy . Save Tour Money. A. A. AGR1CÜLTUBALCO. l7mS NEW GOODS AT imiili W jui ut. n„ i 25 CASES N EW Dry Coods ! llave them open%and are now prepared ior BUSINESS. 25 These goods have been bought at a large declino froui early Spring prices, and vee are perfectly willing to sell them at small profits. JOHN H. MAYNARD. w. aTlovéjöy, TOBACCONIST! Deals in both FIXE CUT AN1) SMOKING TOBACCO, Snuff, .Pipes, &c, AT XO. 7 E AST HURON STREET, Pïext to tlie Express Office, ANi ARBOR, WICII. 1345tf I r WELLING HOUSES iujTsALE A Urge and very w:ll built briek house, with two or more Iota, 'l'wo lauwe framed bouMs. Also a g-ood siaed brick house und framed houst; and n small frame house on ug'oodlot, iuteuded ioraddiug1 afrout for salo oü fair terms and a. rea.-souabJe credit. Alsoother bulldiDga, lots, and proper ty. IHONEY WANTJED-So many wibhinff to orrow money applj to me that I can readily obtain for Unders good sutiüfactoiy iuvostmenta at tea per cent. ntere . K, W. MORGAN. Anu Arbor, April 23. 1S73. 1423tt'


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