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Commencement Week

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Tlie notes oí preparation for Commencement Week are being sounded. The schedule of ex. ercises, as ofiicially issued, is as follows : Saturday, June 20ii - 9 a. M. Examination of caudidates for admissiou. Sunday, June 21sí - 4 p. M. Baccalaureate Address (in University Hall) by President Angelí. Monday, Jvne 22d - 9 a. M. Examination oí candidutes íor admiasion. 8 p. M. Concert under the direction of the Senior Clasa. Tuesday, June 23 - 10 A. M. Class-Day Exercises. Oration by C. T. Lañe ; Poem by T. H. Johnston. 1 1-2 p M. Oration before the Alumni by Hon. Duane Doty, of the clasa of 1856. 3 p. M. Class-Day Exercises. 6 p. M. Alumni Supper at Hangsterter's. 8 p. M. Eeception by the Senior Class. Wednesday, June iitli - THIBTIETH AXNUAL COMMENECMENT. 8 a. ii. Business meeting of the Alumni in the Chapel. 9 A. M. The procession will form in front of the Law Building. 10 A. M. Commencement Exercises. 2 r. M. Commencement Dinner for the Alumni and guests of the University. 8 P. K. President's Eeception at the residence of President Angelí. The festivities of the bieimial session of the ) Michigan Turubizerk opened m this city (rather ■ prematurely) on Sunday, and continued during ' Mouday and Tuesday, in accordance with the advertised prograinme, closing Wednesday forenoon. ïhe weather waa very unfavorable for the exercis6s at the park, and the closing bal had to be held in Turner Hall instead of on the grounds. Visiting societies were present from Adrián, Detroit Grand Eapids, East Saginaw, Saginaw City, Jackson, &c, though not in as large numbers as was anticipated. The concert or operetta on Monday evening, by the Lyra Society, of East Saginaw, was a success, and the ball on Tuasday evening would have been but for the crowd. The address of Dr. Georg, at the park, was well spoken of. The prizes were awarded as follows : To Societies, first second and third in order named - Grand Eapids, Adrián, and Socialer of Detroit. To individuáis in order named - the contestants numbering 15 : Albert Frank, Detroit ; Henry Brusky, Detroit ; Geo. Kuebler, Ann Arbor : Frank Gruesel, Detroit; Charles Dorheiiu, Ann Arbor ; Albert Arey, Ann Arbor. Four prizes were awarded to the Zceglinges (Turner pupils) as followa : Ernest Kieugle Otto Feolkel, Theodore Hauser, and Eichard Krakow, in the order named. The participating Germans and their friends claim to have hai a good time, but a better impression would have been left upon this community had the Sunday demonstrations been omitía,} Thia county is entitled to send three cliildren to the State Public School at Coldwater. There are no children of suitable age iu the poor bouse, and it is therefore in order for any Su pervisor of any town or wards to forward auy child or children coming within the provisions of the statute, until the vacancies are filled. Over four and under sixteen years is the limitatiou as to age, the other conditions being that they "are suitable in condition of body and mind to receive instruction, who are neglected and dependent, especially those who are now maintained iu the county poor-houses, those who have been abandoned by their parents, or are orphans, or whose parents have been convicted of crime," preference to be given to " dependeut and indigent orphaus or half orphans of deceased soldiers and sailors of this State." We refer Supervisors and others interested to Secs. 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 of Session Laws of 1871 ; also to a circular in another column from the Secretary of the Board of Control. t The population of Sharon, au reported by Supervisor Annabil, is 1,026, or 61 less than shown by the censas of 1870. The males number 541, and the females, 48-J. Thero are 285 males 21 years old. The Enttrprise (Manchester) gives the following statistics : Acres of taxulile land, - - TÏ'hS? " " mproved land - - 14,830 ' " wheat sowii, -' - 41J9 ' harvested in 1873, - - i " " corn " " - -ZA Nu. olsheep, May 2.Hh, 1874, '?7,f ' Hop " ' " 21 " Cattle " " " 9i2 " Horses " " " Tounds of wool sheared in 1873, - ,f'„„ " " pork marketed " - 1Vi'2ni Bushela of wheat raised in 1873, - ,"- " corn (shelleü) " " - ?-0 " " potatoes " " - yJfg Tons -of hay in 1873, - l Barrels of eider " " - " Ml During the session of the American Medical Association in Detroit last week, the Free rress excelled itself, giving very full reporta of the proceedings of the several sections, and in large supplement so as to not eucroach in the leas upon its regular space. Such enterprise must commend that journal to the general public.


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