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Seaside Golden-rod

Seaside Golden-rod image
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jllifliijinn Qraoeful, tossing plume of glovniig gold, Waviug louely ou the rocky ledg : ïeaning seaward, loyely to behold, Clinging to the high elifTs raggod od{.'c; ISuraiug in the puro September sky, Spike of gold againrt the stainless blm-. Do you watuh the vessels drifting liy ? Dooh Hie qoiet 'Iny rem long (o ycm ': Up to yoti I chnib, a porfeot shapr ! I'oiséd so lightly 'twixt tho sky and se ; Ijookinj; out o'cr headland, crag and oa{n, O'or tho ocoau's vague immonsity. T'p to you oiy hutnau thought I l)riny, Sit me down your peaceful watcli to slinrc Do you hear the wavea below us sing ? . Fotl you thr soH fahoing of thé nir : Ifow murh of hfe's rapture is your right ': In earth's joy what raay your portiou be F Rocked by breezes, touched by tender liglit, Fcd by dewa, and sung to by the air ! Somothiiig of dfilight and of rontent Must be youra, however vagueïy kuown ; Aud your gnoa i mutely eloquent, And your beauty niakes the rock h throne( MatteiB not (o you, ') golden flower: That such eyes of worship watch your way ; fiut you make more sweet the dreamful hnui', Aud you crown for me tho tranquil duy.


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