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Singers And Their Throats

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In soine entortaining gossip about singers, Olive Logan gives this lamentable report on the condition of their throats : " A fact little known to the public regarding the singing voiees, ie, that almo8t all vocalista' throats are in a ohronic state of inflammation, or an approach to it, which would bo considerad downright soreness to anybody else. A friond ut' mine, who is a prima donna, goes through Ufo with a pair of red and swollcn tonsila which would serve me very nicely fst a quiuzy. Fauiiliarity in such cases breeds oontempt, as the proverb teaches, for tho abnoruially enlarged tonsils créate no disturbance in my friend'a mind. She romarks that a physician who was uuacquainted with artists' throats would surely send her to bed if he got a peep at hers. But it is seldom necessary to caution tho possessor of a singing voice to vigilance in tho care of it ; it ie too procious a possession to be lightly guarded. A voico which in the money sense is equivalent to a row of brown-stone iïonts in Fifth avenue, or I know not how many oil wella in Punusylvauia, will be treated with the utmost respect by a wisa possessor. Unfortunatcly voico is ahortHved, if it be uscd. ïhe exactions of modern opeiaa are so destructivo in their effects that it is calculated tho average iluration in freshuess of a soprano voice is eightoeu years, and of a tenor voice only six. The baritone is somewhat liardier, while the ba&R voice will generiilly last a lifetime ; though there are well-known instances of ouco culebratod basso who still walk the earth in all their manly physical vigor, but sing no more.


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