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A Young Postmaster's Honesty

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Abraham Jjincolu was once postmnster in tbo small villago of Xew Salem, " out West." Ho thon wout to Springlield to study law, und for four years had hnrd work to eain his bread and butter. Fighting with poverty is a hard tight. One lay a postoffice agunt carne around to ollect a balance due to tho Washington office. Tho bilĂ­ was $17 00. Dr. Henry, a friend of "poor Abo," happened to fall in with tho agent, and was sure that he had nothing in his pocket to pay it with. He went, therefore, to the office in order to lend him the raoncy, or offer to lend it. When the agent presented the draft Lincoln asked the man to sifc down, and sat down biiusolf with a very puzzled look upon his face. He theu stepped out, went over to his boarding houee, and camo back with au old stocking undur his arm. This he untied, and poured out upou tho table a quantity of small silvor coin and "red cents." These they counted, exaetly $17 60, just the amount callcd for ; tor on leaving the office the young postuiaster tiod up the money and had kept it by him, nwaiting the legal cali to give it up. On payiug it over ho said, " I liever uw, oven for a time, any money tbat is not mine. This money I knew belonged to the Viovernuient, and I had no right to ezchnnge or use it for any purpose of my own."


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