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The Rate Of A Liar's Pulse

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From the Utico Herold. Multitudinoua are'the ways on record tor. deteoting a thief, butthere U ono species of siuner that often defies detect.ion. A light finger may bo oiippled, but a light tongue ia hard to stop Tbe blush of conscious guilt does not always follow a fib, and of all Holf-possessed men tho professonal pravurmator is the calniest. The tact of successful ooncealiuent is often characteristic of the youngest falsifier, and his precocious depravity is ofteu a blank ntudy to the keonest moralist or physiognomist. It has been left for the genius of tho physiciau to discover a sure way of detecting at least a juvenile prevaricator. Tbe discoveror of this method is a momber of tho modical professioa in Greene, Chenango oounty, nnd his mime is Dr. Williams. Tho other evening severnl mischievoui boys broke iuto the school-house in that place, built a fire in the same, and were preparing for a hilarious tiuio whon they diseovered that tha Board of Kducation was after them. Although the schoolhouso was surrounded before they got wind of tha danger, thpy managed to slip out of the building unobserved. Some of them had been reccguizodin thp building, however, and wvre broughtup bcforo the physician inentioned for examination. - - Tho lirst boy put upon tho stimd " knew nothing of the afïair," and assortod his innocenue with all tho iuanifohtations of vevacity in his conntenance. The doctor wn8 not satisfied. Ho took hold of the boy'a wrist and feit his pulso. The pulsations wero unnaturally fast. Looking into tho hoy's unwavering eyo and imperturbable face, he said : " Young man, you are lying ! You hava not uttered tho word of truth about this matter! Your pulse is now running as high as 1 40, und no person enjnyiug goed health and telling the truth would have aa rapid pulsations as that '" Tho problem of conturies was solved ; tbc boy acknowledged that he had broken into the school-house. - Although the heart sent no tell-tale blood to the face, it throbbed its confessions in the tiny pulse ; and sciencu had again triumphed where human ingenuity hnd boen at fault.


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