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If I Could Keep Her So

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.Tiist a little baby, lying in my arma - Would that I could keep you, witli your baby charras; Helplesss, chnging fingers, downy, golden hair, Where the sunshine lingers, caught f rom otherwhere ; Blue eyes aaking questions, lips that cannot speak, I?oly-oly shoulders, dimple in your cheek ; Dainty httle blossom m a world of woe, Thus I falu would keep you, for I love you so. Itoguish Httle damsel, scarcely six years old - Feet that never weary, hair of deeper gold ; Bastless, busy fingers all the time at play, Tongue that never ceases talking all the day ; Blue eyes learning wonders of the world about, Here you come to teil them - what an eage shout ! - Winsome little damsel, all the neighbors know Thus I loug to keep you, for I love you so. Sober little schoolgirl, with your strap of books And such grave importauce in your puzzled looks Solving weary problema, poring over sums, Yet with tooth for sponge-cake and for sugar plunis ; Reading books of romance in your bei at nigh Waking up to study with the morning light ; Anxious as to ribbons, deft to tie a bow, i'ull of coutradictions - I would keep you so. Sweet and thoughtful maiden, sitting by my side All the world's before you aud the world is wide Hearts are there for winning, hearts are there t break, Has your own, shy maiden, just began to wake Is that rose of dawuing glowing on your cheek Telling us iit blushes what you will not speak 't Shy aud tender maiden, I would fain foregu All the golden future, just to keep you so. All the listening angels saw that she was fair, Kipe for rare uufolding in the upper air ; Now the rose of dawning turns to lily white, And the close shut eyelids veil the eyes f rom sight; AH the past 1 summon as I kiss her brow - liabe, and child, and maideu, all are with me now, Oh! my heart is breaking; but God's love I know - Safe among the angels, He will keep her so.


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