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Who Was Cain's Wife?

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Tu reply to the query of a correspondent through the New York la&ger as to who Caín married, Henry Ward Beecher says : " Thero is no record of Cain's coui tship or wedding. However interesting to the parties themselves, it is of no interest to us, excopt upon the supposition that any people had been created. If Adam and Eve were the solé progenitors of tbe race, then Cuin and Abol, it is inferred, must have married their own sisters - a connection wbich is shocking to the sensibilities of the whole race at a subsequent state of developmont. "But man y of the fathers of the church denied that Adam and Eve, and their children, were the only people on the globe. They affiraicd that the text in Genesis very plainly implies that there were other inhahitants besides Adaui's fauiily. ïhey allege that verse fourteen of chapter four, of Genesis plainly implies that the earth was widely populated. For when God declared that Cain should be driven from his faiuily and made a vagabond in the earth, Cain deprecated the sontence, and plead that "everyone that rindeth me shall slay me." It was plainly not his fainily connections that he feared, for he desired not to be driven from them. Who, then, were tnese people whom Cain feared to meet when he should have gone forth into the earth Y "Itis also reasoned by scholars that the most natural method of soothing his fears, would have been to teil him : " There are no othor peoplo upon the earth except your father's children." Instoad of that the Lord is represen ted as falling iu with Cain's hnpression respecting the population of tho world, and that lie 8et a mark upon Caín, lest any rinding him should kill hiin. (Gen. 4:15). Still further, is it said that Caín separated himself from his kindred, went into the land ot' Nod, east ot' Eden, " and he built a city and called the name of the city after the name of his son Enoch." The fathers were patiently asked : Where did tlie people uome trom who lived in this city { That would be an extraordinary state of thiugs whioh should have enabled Cain to till up a city, however smal], with his own chüdren ! And it is mferrod, therefore, that there were other people in the land besides the immediate posterity ot' Adam. If Adam was the 3nly pregenitor, Cain must have married lis sister. If tbere were other Unes of people, olher Adams as it were, then üain niight have married into other stock. "Wedonot express auy judgment in ;he matter. We give our correspondent the opinions that have been held in the early days of the church, but with the statement that all modern Christian writers have rejected theru. ' "But as the origin of races has, in our day, assuined an important scientific devefopment, and as very many able scien;ists hold to a variety of original race stocks, it is interesting to know that ;hese views havo been held before, ana upon Biblical grounds. " But are there no more questioBS about Cain H Does nobody wish to know his wite's name 'i Does no one wish to know what the mark was which the Lord affixed o Cain ? Does no oue wish to know how üain died ? Questions must be scaree to eave such a point untouched. If Uain s to be raised he surely ought to be horoughly dealt with."


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