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What Sloep Will Cure

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Ihe cry tor rest has always been louaer thau the cry for food. Not that it is more important, but that it is often harder to get. The best rest comes froin sound sleep. Of two men or two women, otherwise equal, the one who sleeps best will be the most moral, healthful and efficiënt. Sleep will do much to cure irritability of temper, peevishuess and uneasiness. It will cure insanity. It will build up and make strong a weary body. It will do much to cure dyspepsia. Il will relieve a langour aud prostration feit by consumptives. It will cure hypochondria. It will cure neuralgia. It will cure a broken 6pirit. It will cure sorrow. Indeed, we might make a longer list of nervous maladies that it will cure. The cure of sleeplessness, however, is not so easy, particularly in thoso who carry grave responsibilities. The habit of sleeping well is one which if broken for any length of time, is not so easily regaiued. Often illness treated Jby powerful drugs, so deranges the nervous system that sleep is never sweet thereafter. Or perhaps long continued watchfulness produce the same effect ; or hard study ; or too much exercise of the muscular systein, or whisky drinking, or tobáceo smoking or chewing. To break up the habit, are required : A good clean bed, pleasant occupation, and sumoient exercise to produce weariness, good pure air and not too warm a room ; froedom from too much care ; a clear conscience ; a clear stomach ; and avoidince of stimulants.


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