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The Fate Of The Quartette

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In these days which behold the crumbling into dust of so niany Radical idols it is mteresting to speculate upon the probable fate of that quartette of Senators who by sheer force of brass have dominai ted so long over the upper house- Cameron, Chandler, Morton and Logan. Tho venerable Mhichigander is the only ono whose official head is in iminediate danger, for his terra expires next March, and the Legislature which is to be elected next November has the choice of a successor. The others, though they have longer to stay in Washington, are not in aocord with tho prevailing politieal sentiment of their respective states, and if they were as near their time of trial as poor Zach. would bo trembling about the result. Pennsylvania condernned Cameron when byover 100,000 uiajority she adopted the constitution which was aimed at the destruction of the Cameron ring and which Caweron opposed. The Republicana avty is scattered to the winds iu In diana and Illinois; its agricultural adherents moving off into ranks of the grangers and tho Germans going over to tho Deinocracy. Messrs. Morton, Logan and Caineron will have to jump about livelier than Jim Crow daring the next threo years to get tboir feot on solid ground again. But Senator Chandler hasn't room to turn himself between this and the meeting of the Legislature ; moie than that, the party at home over which he has played Csssar is in discord about him. A very respectable faction has brought out Sustice Campbell, of the Supreine Court, to opposehim in the legislative caucus should the Republicana carry the State. Mr. Chandler has been in the SerĂ­ate sixteen years. During that time he has averaged a larger number of boisterous, buncorabe speeches per annum than any other man on the floor. His early retirement, which now seems probable, will be the most complete snuffiiug out of Programism in the Senate that can be imagined.


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