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How He Was Ahead

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In one of the eastern towna ef Massachusetts lived, some yeara ago, TTnole Bill , a hard working stoue mason - a inan of ready wit, but, unfortunately, too inuch addicted to drink. Eegularly each morning at an early hour he mado a visit to the grocery store to lay in a stock of ardent for the day's consuinption. With the same regularity the Rev. Dr. C , a kiudly natured orthodox clergyman, in quest of his niorning chop or midday roast, sought the village butcher's shop. After meeting often in their morning walks Dr. C at last feit it his duty to mildly reprove Únele Bill for his easily besetting sin. So, one morning, after their usual hearty salutations, the good dominie began : " You and I walk out early, Únele Bill ; but do you ever reflect how different are our errands '" " Well, for that matter," said üuole Bill, "if we biing the thingdown to Scripture test, rny errand will come out ahead." " How 60 ?" asked Dr. C . " Why, you walk after the flesh, but I walk after the spirit !"


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