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Give Us Better Money

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In his speech on the finances Senator Jones, in a forcible manner, told these truths : " We want labor encouraged by better money. We want the laborer who receives his pay for a day's work to know that it will not shrink in valuo on his way to the store where he buys the necessities of life. We want no more banks of cireulation without redetnption ; for though I admit that they are great institutions for the accuinulation of wealth they do very little towards its production. They absorb nearly all the surplus property in their vicinity. They adorn with palatial residences the avenues where gamblers and stock-jobbers dweil, whüe they cover the farms with Uuter called mortgage." Again, as to how much curreney is needed, he said : Sir, I maintain that there is money enongh now in this country for every legitímate purpose. + Why, sir, as long as it is easier to loll at the seaside thau it is to delve in the dark deptbs of the mine, as long as it is more agreeable to lead a life of elegant ea9e than to toil in the factory, the field and the foundry, as long as money will buy immunity from labor and can be exchanged for the necessities and luxuries of life, so long will you hear the cry reachoed throughout this land that more money is wanted. The very fact that money is wanted is whatstimulates legitímate enterpriee, endeavor and energv.


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