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Senator Cook's Address

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benator Oook s exposé, concerning Michigan affairs as administered by the dominant party, is provoking much corument throughout the State and seema to have aroused the Republican newspapers from the lethargy into whioh they have fallen lately, on account of having everything their own way. The Post, Chandler's organ, affirms with much show of temper that Senator Cook is " a pig-headed demagogue," and that his accusations arise fromignorance of the first principies of business ; and the Lansing BefmbHecm was so exercised over the document in question that it couid not wait until the regular issue, but carne out with an article - which was printed in advance in several of the administration orgaus of the State - to show what unreliable authority Senator Cook is and how much w w - J - - ■ J iu i-i j ff i-l-i ' V. 1 1 better and more econoinically the State in governed now than when it was controlled by Demoorats, etc. But notwitbstanding thishasty and over anxious attempt to dispose of the gentleman from Hillsdale, there is sometbing very suggestive and oonvincing about his way of stating tbings, and it will be difficult to convinoe those who read his intoresting address that he is either pig-headed or unreliable. Michigan is too firmly wedded to her idols for any rational person to expect a change in adininistration, but we do not believe the State would suffer seriously in inoráis or fin anco by putting enough of the opposition into her legislativo halls to act as a check and restraint upon Kepublicans, and to allow - by a combination with the honest portion of that party - of necessary investigatious.


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