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Lager Beer And The Germans

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The New York Btening i'm.t sayg ; The following article has buon translated f rom the A'ew Yorlrer Abend-Zeüung fór i mr columns. Our Germau conteinporary, it will be observed, unlike our worthy friend Mr, Schwarz, but very rnuob liko ourselves, thinka that the question ot' pare beer is of more public importunen than the poaition taken by German breven in American politics : " Aftor a cariiful perusal of tho reports of the Brewers' Convention in Boston, wo have only to By this one thing : ' These gentlemen have forgotten nothing and learned nothing.' In other words, the rosult of their conventiou amounts to nought. " Just such resolutions and speeches as were adopted and made in this convention have always greatly injured the social and politioal position of the Germaoa in the United States, and will briïi'r abo'lt thft namn rpanlts in thfi ture. The worship of beer and the dominant influence of the beer-interest among the Gerinans reachod their eulmination ten years ago. The events of the year 1870 and '71, too have not failed oi their inliuonoo on these shores. The exertions of tho Germana in America have become of a different kind within the last decade. Our fellow-countrymen wilt lío longer go to battle with the warcry of ' Two lager and a bretzel.' Everything has its day. "The period of Germán life when Lindenmiiller and bis consorts could pretend to be the leaders of their fellowcountrymen has, it is hoped, passed away forever. The Germán element in the United States is too well organized, and enjuys the leadership of a press on tbe whole too excellent, for private interests, whatever weight they may have in business circles, to exercise a controlling iniluence on the political position of the Germans. " It is really ludicrous when a oertain classof business mon, by no rueans free from' selfishness, proclaim themselves as the champions of Germán ideas or as the pioneers of a higher civilization in this land of barbarians. Such foolish es must disoredit the Germán people in the eyes of unprejudieed Auierioans, as alas ! un the part of demagogues and a oertain class of Germán beer sellers, the beer question and the loftiest endeavors after ireedom and progress on the part of tiie Germans are thiown into one lag, and, shaken together are, laid at the feet of the American. " It is time that the leading Germán organs put a stop to this abuse of true Gorman interests, and pour out clear wine to our Euglish-speaking fellow-citizens. " We agree with the gentlemen in Bos ton, that the use of a wholesome beer not only promotes bodily developraent, but it will also dispute tho inastery with the devil rum. " But in order to enjoy a wholesome beer such must ñrst of all be brewed ; and to this point Messieiirs the Brewers should immediately direct their civilizing mission. " We would, moreover, have praised the brewers as the proiuoters of the true interests of the Germana, if they had adopted resolutions against the entirely too great increase of tippling saloons. For it cannot be denied tlmt the brewers, in order to inoreaso the consumptiou of beer, opened a large number of beer saloons out of all proportion to the want. As this is especially done in the densely pópulated workingineu's quarters, the detnoralizing oonsequences can hardly be estiüiated. Every small saloon keeper, who inakes his uest in one of the tenement houses, while respectable saloons in the neighborhood meet every legitímate want, is a drone who draws his support trom the laboriously-gathered honey of a few workingTiien's families. And how many of suoli drones are furnished nests by these brewers in order to increase the consumption of badly and cbeaply brewed beer ! And into how many families do these drones bring poverty and misery! "We are decided opponentB of every restraint of libert.y of person or trade ; we condemu the insane temperance fanaticism, but we just as decidedly condemn the beer worahip and the assumption of a class of traffickers who try to promote their own interests under the mask of a Simón Pure Grerman patriotism. Let the child be called by its right name."


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