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The Great Remedy Of Wild Wistar's Balsam Cherry

The Great Remedy Of Wild Wistar's Balsam Cherry image
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COUGHS, COLÜ8, CON8UMPTION &c ftTAT TO AI.L THOSK AíYLICTKD' WlTH D1SKASKS OF TIIB LUNÜ8 AN1 BRBAST. I Mirados erer crastf More uvideitte of its sutnussnig heulth nstortificc virtuesü! jin Dr. Baker. Bpringfield, Wh, Co. Ky.] SriutioFiKLD Ky., Muy 14 145. ra. Sanford & Park: - ÍE3T3- 1 take thia opportunity of informing of n most remnrkable cure pcrformod tipon by the uso of '. Wistar's MalsWR qf ld Cierry." n the yenr 1840 I was tnken viiih. an Ioffoi in of the Buwels which I Inbored ander lor six skswlien 1 gratluMly rccovoicd. In the fall lll I waa aitacked wuh o sovcrc cold. which ted iteelf upon my lungs, and the space of e yeara I was eonfincJ to my bed. I tried all ids of medicines ond every varieiy of medicnl ond without bent fit: nnd'thns I wenricd nlong til the winter of 141. wlien I heard of "Wie'8 Balsam of Wild Oherry." My friends pergundcd me to pivc it n trinl, jugh 1 hnd given up all hopes of a recovery,d hnd prepared myself for ihp chanr Dranïcrworld. Through their nolicitntion I vns duced tu mnke nee of the '"Genuino Wistar's ilsamof Wild Cherry." The elicct was truly tonishing. Afier fivc yonrs of nlTliciioii. pnin id fluflering: and after having spon' four ot H huudred dollars to no purpose, and the best id most respectoblophvsicinns lind prnved unnliling. I toas so"n rest nt ' lo entlre heallh by e Messing of God and tht t;sc of Dr. Wtsr's Babam of Wild Cherry. I om now ur.joying gooJ hcnlth. and such 8 y altcred appcarance that I am no longer know hen I mret my fornicr nrquainwncep. I havo EHined rapidly in wcight, and in y flesh[Tl QIIU 311IIU. 1 WUII IIVVT ctu Ui3 iiiuvii i? mij 3n, and my food scemsto nuree with mo.-vc eatcn more durinjrlhe lnsisixmonths ihnn d eaten tor five years befnre. nnsidering my case almost n mirncle. T deenr caesary for the good of ihe nfflicied nnd n ■ I uwe to tlie propriciors nnd my fcltow men, 0 should know whcro relief mny bo had) mke thisstntemont public. Iny tho bleesing of Cíod rest upon the propris of so valuable a medicine aa Wisiar's Balof Wild Cherry. Yours respectfully, WILLIAM H. BAKER. folhiein? hnsjust been rectvid from Ilr. Mtcard Stratton, of Lei ing ton, Mo., xcliich 'ioics thit Cons imption in i worst form in he curcd by "Wistar's Ba ham of Wdl Dlicrry. IjkXisoto, Mo:, Jan. 21, 1845; njaniin Phelp - Dear Rir: 1 inke gr-nt plcosure in commnnicating io you ïat I conpider nn cxtrnordinnry curc; eflecled my dnughicr, obout II yeorsof ago. by Wis's Balanm of Wild Clierry. About the lstof ■ptember lust, my dnughtcr wne thkensick. oudís nttcnded Ljr several physicians, who80 preriptionH provcd ineffectual. or secned to do no1 mil. Sho wasauondcd wiih aconstiint cough, id puin in the brenst. Hit pliysicians and üll ho saw her, came to the couclusion that she as in a confirmed stago of Consuinption. I" ude no othor cnlculntion than lor her to die. - ut aa soon as sho coinmenced taking the Balín lio began to improve, and continued so to imiil her lipnlth wn8 rostored, nnd ia now en'ely well. Witli a view of benrfitting those ho mny besimilarly nfflicted, I tnke plensure in comtnending th3 retnedy to the confi lence of' te public. Your", wnh reppect, edWaRD rtratton. rtfftAR'S BALS AM OF WILD CHERRY int noi only relieve but cures! ICrPriceéi por bottlo. or six botlles for $5. ■ Fnr sale in Cincinnnli on!y ly aANFORO'& ARK, and in Ann Arbor by Maynnrdp;sola gents for thisCounty. 238