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Pbi 8ALB : A OpODJIOWEE, FANNING MILL, AND LUMBKR WAUON. luquire ut J. FERDON & SOX'S Lumber Yard. 14S&WÍ 1KËNOTICE. I have tliis day employed Mr. Clarkt who, for the paet 20 years, has had charge of the Cook'a Hotel B;irn, and Farmers or others who wish their horses fed and watered aocoèdJng to orders, at reasonable rales, will íind the " Old Reliable " at the Monitor Liv ry Stable, Cor. Hurón and Second strcets. Ann Arbur, May 14, 1874. ," J. V. GREGORY, Prop. AtchisoD,Topeka and Santa Fe RAILBOAU THREE MILLIOlT ACRES LIIIER.VL TEKMS TO IMPROVERS. 11 YK ARS CREDnvTPKR CEKT. INT. tto Pari of the PrioipaJ paya,ble for Four Yean, FINE UUAIN-GIlOWIiïG IIEQ10N. Tractg it uiul fcwo thuusand aeres available for bborttuod .'ülonies, or fofötock Farms. Excellent Climate, with Pure Flowing Water. 11 1 wonld aay, that in the course of many years, " and tliioug-h extensiVQtravel, I liave not seen aniore "invitiüi? country, nor one which offers greater in"dncmnentB, witli fewer objeetions to ettleuient, "th;iu these lands oí the A. T. & 8. F. K.RS'-Ex''■'"■ Rtpart of He.nry Slewart, Aru-uUural Editor Amvrii-iin Ajiivitltitralixt. For full particulada inquire of A. E. TOUZALIN, Tiitml Commiasioner, Toi'Kka. Kansas. i'. li. Pond, Local Aent, AnnArbor. Mioh. Bit. E. A. LEITER, IMïysu'ian and Surgeon, over Watls' Jewi'lry Store, Main Street, Kectdi nee rs E:ist Hurou Street, 1469tf ANN AKBOR.MIOII. 1SCURE YOUKSELP A HOME. Valuable City Lots for sale Cheap, and long tiiu iveu for paymeut if desired. H75m3 c. H. MiLLEN. MICHIÖAN CENTRAL HAILRoadT SÏÏMSIER TIMETABI.E. PiswngeitriiinKnow loave the sovernl itatiim roliOWB """""18, , GOING WKK1 . I S BH ; STATION. W ÍÜ ■ uL JLJL'M I I A. M. A. M. V. M. 1'. M. r. M p Detroit, leave, 7 0(110 00 2 fto 4 10 t t'inï! Vpsibmti, 8 ■_: 11 10, 3 08 5 30 J lo " A.nn Arbor, S 50 1] 25 3 27 5 50 7 45 ,7" Dexter,. ., 17 8 50 6 20 S ÍS,11 Clielsea, g :',:, ._ 4 in 9 „() - (nis Lake, in 02 p. m. 4 41 g [„, Juckson, IC 88 j ;;,-, ;, 10 g 35 " I' M 1 ' KHlamuzoo, 1 88 3 08 8 20 OhicagoarriTe, v :r, Kim jij s ooisr, rast. I flllf A. M. A. M. . M. r. M (ncugn, leave, 5(10 9 00 5 IS r. m. a. m. ,. u Kalamaoo, u dj 185 ano 2 ., : r. 3'. A.M. Jackson, 2 33 4 BS 8 00 12 30 5 10 OrassLake, 3 08 8 31 . Chelseu, ; 8 .-,.', Dexter, 3 50 ü]7 1; Ann Arbor, 4 13 5 10 9 46 1 58 fi 30 ,5 Ypsilnnti, 4 35 5 27 10 10 2 IS 6 50 i „ Detroit, arrive, 6 SS (i 80 11 20 8 M S on j : The Atlantic and Puciüe Expresa run Ww Jackson and Niles on the Air L1b. Dated, May 24, 18T4. DETROIT, HILLSDALE & Hm. ANA EA1LROAD. aoiNG west.' -1S73oonra ein, STATIONS. Maii. Exp.' STATIONS. }ix A. M. V. M. Dptrrtit._ dpn Ï-IS ft.áíi ' A. M. u u Ypilanti 8:4,-i 7:lf Bankan 5:4S .„' Saline 9-.2S 7:4:; HitUdale Bridgewster.. 9:60 8:00 Manchester...! sl;s ; Manchester.... 10:22 8:!8 ! Bridgewater . . „.„ !■ m. Saline : Hillsdiile Mul 8:62 Ypsilanti Il Bankers 1:16 lo-.oo Detroit H Traina run by Chicago time. .W. F. PAKKER, Sup't, Ypsilanti. PROM HEADQUARTERS, THE POSTOFFICE QUE3TI0N IS SETTLED AT LAST. BEAL IS BEATEN BY THE AGRICCLTURAL CO, Wlio announce to their Cnatom'en that tiioywill aell Full Trimmed Wagons, WarrantoÊt ibr oneyear at $7.ï, including all extras. ;„ Tire, Sprint WhilHetrees, NeckyokPs, umi top traso. Tlris wie to be for Cash, aud to be open tor Thirty Days. AUi FH.L TRIflJIEI) IMOilS. 10 DOLUKS. Farmers, if yoxi wish to aupply yourselves now is the time for cash. All guoda warranted. Anyticle in our liae equally low "We nre never uiïilersold. We ure gettin; on a íull stock of' REAPfífiS AND UQWM of the Johnston Patent, whicli we oflVr eqaally lot, and we will put up (1,000 that the Combined Reapa ia the beat, cheapest and easieat combined Keaper n6d Slower in the ü. .'S. of Amerioa. The old reliable Reaperii too well known to re-iuire any backinK, it is admitted by all that it is ! Reaper in the Union. We would also saj thal irewül aell all our gooda for Cash at tower H:run hun the; can be bought elaewhere, andevfiy ;uti 1, touit puichaser or no sale. Cali Beore Yon Buy and Save Tour M me y. A. A. AGRICULTURA!, (U H7;ra3 NEW GOODS AT IlYMin We Ihitj just reen, d 25 CASE8 NEW Dry Goods! Have them open and are novv prepared lor BUSINESS. láP These goods feave been bought ! at a large decline ñ-oui early Spring I prices, and we are perfectly willing " sell them at small profits. JOHN H. MAYHïABD. WrX LOVËJOY, " I TOBAOCONIST ! Deals in both FINE CUT AND SMOK I M TOBACCO, Stiuff, Pipes, &c AT NO. 7 EAST HUBO? STBKBT Next to tlio Express Office, ANM ARBOR, ttICH. 134Stf rWELUNG HOTJSES fctjJB SAO A large and very well built brick house, with l or more Iota. Two luws frumed hoosee. Atoo a r1"1' ■uzed brick house and frnnied bouw; nuda fin;!'1 frame house ou a good lot, intended foradding atiunt for sale on fair terms and a retisouable oredit. Alsoother buildings, Iota, and property. IIIONEV WANÏED-Bo mauy wibtíng ( orrou) money apply to me that I can reudily obttu" forenteMgoodsatisfaetory investments at ten 1 cent, utere . . VT E. W. MOROAN. Ann Arbor, Aüril 23. 1S73. 18841


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