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r. i.iwil I. 1 hereby notities hia patrona that he has returned from his weatern tour and has resumed the practice of his profession. Office in the Haven Block. Dated, Ann Arbor, March 9, 1874. Thirty Years' i: ixruin ■ of uu Old Nurse. ■Irs. w iiiHlotVN Syrup is the prescription of one of the best l'emale Physicians 1 and Nurses in the United States, and has been used for thirty years with never failing safety and success by millions Of mothers and children, from the feeble infant of one week old to the adult. It correcta f ty of the atomach, relieves wind colic, regulatea the bowelf-, and gives rest, health and comfort to mother and child. We believe it to be the Best and Bureat " Remedy in the World in all cases of DYSENTEKY and DI ARRHCEA IN CHILDREN, whether it arises from Teething or from any other cause. Full directions for ut?ing will accompany each bottle. None Genuine unless the fac-simüe of 0URTI8 & PERKIN8 ia on the outsido wrapper, Sold by all Medicine Dealers. 1436vt Centaur Llnimcnts ( Have cured more wonderful caaes of rheumatism, aches, paina, swellinga, frost-bitea, caked breasts, burns,., scalds, aalt-rheum, &c, upon the human frame, and straina, spavin, galla, &c, uopn animáis in one year, than all other pretended remedies have since the worldbegan. Certiflcatea of remarkable cures accompany each bottle, and will be sent gratia to any one. Theve is no pain which these Liniments will not relieve, no'swelling they will not subdue or lameness they will not cure. This ia strong lan" gunge, but it is true. No family or stock-owner can '. aiford to be without Centaur Liniments. White Wrapper for family use ; the Yellow Wrapper for animáis. Trice, 50 ets. ; large bottles, $1.00. J. B. Rose & Co. 53 Broadway, New York. Castoria ia more than a Bubstitute for Castor Oil. It ia the only safe aiticle in existence which ia certain to regúlate the bowels, cure wind-colic and 1 produce natural sleep. It is pleasant to take. No more aleeplesa motliers or crying babies. Price 35 ' cta. per bottle. 1481T] Cliildrcn Of ten Look Palc and Sirk ' From no other cause than having worina in the ' ach. t BROWN'S VERMIFUGE COMFIT8 , Will destroy Worma without injury to the child, being ( perfectlv WHITE, and free from all coloring or other , injurious ingredients usually uaed in worm preparatious. CURTÍS & BROWN, Proprietora, No. 215 Fulton Street, New York. .S'oM by Vruggists and Chemists, and dealers in Medicines at Twentï-H'ive Cents a Box. 143Uyl householdTv, you To all peraona auflfering T A AT A m? A from lUieiatism, NeurAlNAuljA ridgla, Ciampa in the limbs or etomach, Bilious Colic, Pain in the bank, I boweis or aide, we would - AïïD - aay, the Household i IaOBA and Family Liniment is of all others the ■n n tt tt remedy you want for inr A M I I Y !ternal and external u. 1 nilLlU 1 (t has cured the above complainta in thouaanda of cases. There is no misT T"NrTM"FM T Ltakeaboutit. Try it. öold ■Ü11N llVlijLN ! by all Urng;iati.. . In this city, Junp 12th, Vai.entisk U'. Sticki.k, wed 26 years, a gradúate ui' the Lan Department da of '71. Icelanders are beginning to emigrat to th9 country, and are deRcribed ag a bright, cleanly, healthy-looking olass o people, closely reaembling the Sootch.


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