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Summer Fruits

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i. VlTV IllIsliiKtjil luutfc una luuun ivyig' ment iu the minds of inany, otberwist sensiblo persons, to wit, that sumuier eoinplaints, tho generic term under whicl: the disorders pecviliar to the season art known, are caused mainly by the uso o1 fruit, and that the wise and safe plan i; to prohibit its use altogether. This inethod, which neglects to takc advantage of ono of the most beneficia! provisions for inan's use, comfort, and well-being, is detrimental not only to enjoyment but to permanent health. ïhe term " anti-soorbutic" expressesthe valué of fruits as food, and the estiination in whioh they are hold by those who understand their relation to human wants. When fruit does harm, it is becauso it is eaten at iinproper timea, iu impropor quantities, or beforo it is ripened and fit for human stomach. Fruit ought not to be eaten between meáis any more than any other food. It may be taken as a lunch, however, with very great benefit, or as a preparation for a ineal, that is, before breakfast or dinner. Perhaps the very best time in the day for eating fruit is before or with the breakfast. A distinguished physician has said that if his patients would makc a practice of eating a couple of Messina oranges before breakfast, from February till June, his practice would be gone. From June, which brings us the ever-welcomo strawberries, until November, there is a constant succession of fresh fruits which are a ure to the eye and a delight to tho mind. The prooi' of their healthfulness lies in the fact that the luore people make it a part of their regular daily f'ood, taking the place in part of moat, and wholly of' pastries during the surauier months, tho better and finer, more cheerful and more uniformly well they are, the less fever and thirst do they experience, the less ice-water and other violently reactionary fluids are they obliged to drink, and the lesa are they subject to changes and fiuctuations oi the systein and of teinperature. The principal difficulty with us is that we do not eat unough of fruit ; that we kill its finer qnalities with sugar ; that we drown them with creani. We need the medicinal actiou of the pure fruit acids in our systems. Wo need the cooling, corrective iufluence, and should accept it as one of the best gifts of Providenco. The waste of fruit is a crime, hardly to be pardoned when so niany need it - are dying for want of it. A fruit ruissiou would be of infiuitely greater value than the rtower mission, beneficent as that is, for fruit is life-giving, and supplements the beautiful and thought-inspiring. Give us fruit, and it will make of life perpetual suinmor.


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