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The Dangers Of Paris Green

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Tlio followiug timuly precautionary inHtructions aro giveu iu tho Paittt and Oil ,uii nuil : As the handling and using of dry Paria green, espeoially by persons unacoustomed to its uso, is attended with considerable risk, and oi'ten followod by sorious consequenccs, we make the following suggestions, founded on our experieuce as manut'acturers: All paokages, whethor largo or suiall, should bo plainly markcd poison. There is great (langer in tbo niixing of tliia green for potato bug and cotton worm poiHori, owing to the fine dust wbich aiis(i in tbc process, which is inbaled and also rapidly absorbed by the poros ot' the skin, cspccially if the person using it should bo in a state of perspiration. To guard against this, the hands and face (particularly nostrils) should be protected as ïp.uch as possible, and should be carefully washed af ter wurking in it, or in any of the preparations of whioli it is !in ingrediënt. As it penetrates and puisons wood, guts iuto the seams and crevices of articles made of metal, and even earllien ware is at all porous, all household utensils, or anything in barn or Btable which cattle or horses could have accoss to, in which the nrticle may have been mixed, or froin wbich it bas been used, should be carefully set aside, and nevor again used for any other purpose. Malignant sores are not infrequcntlv o - . caused by scratehing the skin when itchiug or irritated from handling the green. It should bo constantly borne in mind that it is a more dangerous and deadly poison than arsenic, and farmers, planters and othcrs, when purchasing should be duly cautioned to exeroiso the utmost oare in using it. As a remedy for the poison, the free use of milk as a beverage is commended, but we have found hydratod per-oxide of iron (a simple, harmless remedy) the best antidote. Sures caused by the green should be well covered with it, as with an ordinary salve, and a teaspoonful in a wine-glass oí' water should be taken twioo a day internally, while working with the green. This romedy can be obtained from any druggist or chemist. The consumption of Paris green has largely increased within a few years, and the artiole is now applied to such a varioty of purposes, that carelossness in its uso or ignorance of its highly dangerous proprietors on the part of those who use it, cannot fail to produce the most deplorable resulta.


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