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JESIRABLE EEAL ESTÁTE Fon S -A. H. E I The subsanbar, on account of iil health offers hia In 11, -■ Corporation tor. ale. This gTound ivdjoinsthe I niversit) Observa tory mi the ', oppoaite id# erf surft, it hos H mosi excellent SPKING ! On the noi-lhmistoorri"r tonnerly supplieá1 the Railroadtunk witii water. IJS ADVANTAGES Are as followa : Forcity purpotöfl tho Huron liivt-r mi-;mlersthe shuív sorue oí] tu 4D rocU, and ia puit of the beat "Water JPower On the River in this vicinity, and the eierntion on the northeust corner is suflieientiy liitíli unil ampie to sup ply tho city neoemities for water and flre pnrposes' THE WESTERN PORTIOS On tho road is vory fipproprinte and mutable fnr a Public City Cemetery. Tbe eifcy has no such groundfe now but must, have soon, and whatever groun-ds the oity does nol oaie to uwe, ciin be sold at an advantage, sü much so,that tho ooit of the Water Works ftroundj and Vmetüiy, would be raerely nominal. If the citj does not want the same, Jie grounds would be invaluable for FEUITS, LARGE&SMáLL, 'Hiere beingsome 100 trees now in hearing Vegetables and Pasturaje, And also for MILKsupply.BLOODED STOCK, Horses, Slieep, And other animáis always in preat want by many in the city and its vicinity. As city lots adjoiningthe noit'mvt-st corner oí thm land are now seüing frora three hnndied to three hundred and öfty dollars, these lands would or eould be sold in a short time to a goou uil vuntiige and to much proüt to the puremtsers LIBERAL TIME Will be given or the same will be exebanged for Mer ohantable roods or Droga and Medicines, at cash prices. .TRACY W. ROOT. Ailn Aioor, Jan 81 18T3. 1411 CARBOLIC DISINFECTING SOAPS. For washlng Horses, Cattle, Pigs, Dogs; Kills Fleas on Dogs, Destroys Lice on Cattle and Horses, Tlcks on Sneep. Death to Bed Bugs and Roaohes; CHoaper and bet terthan all Powders. CARBOLIC TOILET SOAPS Whlten, Beautify and Cleanse the skin from all Impurities. CARBOLIC MEDICINAL SOAP CURES J HL OTHER Salt-Rheum I I Cutaneous And all ■& HT DISEASES. CARBOLIC PLANT PROTECTOR. Affords complete proteotlon to p'inta Vines, Trees, &c, from all Bugs, Fleas, Plant Llce and Parasites. Without InJury to Vegetable Life. Never falls. CARBOLIC SHEEP DIP The most effectlve cure and preventlvi Of Scab-lt kllls all Llce-Cads-TIcks' etc. The Increased growth and welgnt o) fleece encouraged by lts use more thaf equals the cost of the dip. Buchan's Carbollc Soaps and Compounds ali are genuine. AU othere are base imitations i. ♦orthless. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS2S MAIVHOOD : How Lost, How Kestored ! Just publiahed, a now edition of Dr. CulvertvIPs iïli'irute)l Kssay on the radica! cure (without medicine) of Spekmatokrhoía or Seminal Weakness, Involuntary Seminal Losses, Impojency, Mental and Phystioal Incapacity, Impediments to Marnage etc; also Oonhümftion, Kpilepsy and iriTn, induced by self-indulgence or sexual extravagauce; Piles, &c. ELrLr"Price in a sealed envelope, only six cents. The celebrated author, in this admirable Easay, clearly demonstrates from a thirty yeara' auccessfui practice, that the al:irming consequeuces of selfabuae muy be radically cured without the danerous uBe of icternal medicine or the applieation of the knife; pointing out a mode of cure at once simple, certain, and effectual, by means of which every aufferer, no matter what his condition may be, may oure bimself cheaply, privately, and radically. BfThis Lecture should bt; in the hands of every youth and every man in the land. Sent under seal, in a plain envelope, to any address. post-paid, on roceipt of six cents, or two pontage stumps. AUo, DR. SILLSBKLJ'S KEMEDY FOB PILKS. Send for circular. Address the Publishers, CHAS. J C. KLIÏiE & CO., 1 27 Bowery, New York, Postotfice Box, 458(i. . 1436yl IEW BAKEEY ! STILING BKOS. Wowld infoim their numeroue friende and the public geneially, th;it they have fitted up the store lately j occupied by -I. C Watson & Co., 28 Kast Huron St., ': as a Bakery and Contectionery Store, ! mul hope by strict attention to business to merit Í und i'eceive a share ot patronage, l'articular l tention wiJl be paid to the Ice-Cram Departmeiif, Wedding Cakes. Pyramids, all kinds of Fmit Cake. ind Ice-Cream furmshed families or parties on short I notice. Fresh Fruits and Confeetionery always on ' hand. Uoods delivered free of charge to any part a )f the city. Remember the place, l No. 28 East Huron Street. a t Inn Arbor, May 27, 1874. a E. STILING, tl V. STILEVG. fk _ tj Estáte oí' Louis Lux. Lj TATB ÜF MICHIÜAN, county of Washtonaw, ss. a sionOftïie Probate Court for the county st ï W'nMiUMimv, holden at the Probate Office, in the ïty of Ann Arbor, on l'riday, the flfth day of Q une, in the year one thousand eight hundred e' ml st'vt'iity four. Q' Present, Noah W. Cheever, Judgeof Probate. 1 ti I ih' matter ni tho estatu of Louis Lux, deceased. ( 'n iiai.liug and tiling the petition, duly veritied, oí 'n idward Duü'y, praying for the appointment of an .dinuiibtrator on tlie estte of said deceased. so Thereupon it is ordered, that ilonday, the sixth A: ay of July next, at icn o'clock Ín the forenoon, be 1Í mgndd for the hearing of suid petition, and that ie heixB OÍ law of said deeeased, and all other ■isoiis iatereefod in snid estáte, are required - appear at a sewsion of said court, then to bö O lk-ii ut the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Ar r, and show cause, if tmy there be, why the prayei foi ' the petítioner should nut be granted; And it is Ai irthr txaered that said petitioner give notice to the V 'i-ííons interested in said ustate, of the peudency oí vil id petitión, and the hearing thereof, by causing a de py of this order to be publi.shed in the Michigan tin rgus, a OQWspaper printed and circulating in said fei unLy, thrte .siK;eessi'-' weeks previous to aid day ot ter '"'ut?an, V irupiopy.j NOAH W. CHEKVKTi, sw 1 W2 Judife of Probate, an in Estáte of Cyrus Beckwith. JJ' TATE OF MICHIGAN, county of Washtenaw, ss. is Í Xotice is heielty Ê-ivrn, tlint by :m order of the pla 'obate i'ourtior the county of Washtenaw, marte in the ninth day of Junr, a. i. l-v7 1, sixnioutha from eon it date were allowed for crudilors to present their in ï lima aainst the esiate of Oyrus Beekwith lale of wet .d coun! t ilk 'i Ta.-ed, tnd that all creditors of said son oeused re jegiiired to present their claims to said day obaté Conrfc at thf Probate Office, in the city of 6w in Arbor, for examination and allowance, on or J1 ture tlie ninth day oí Pteoejnbez next, and that lh ('laims will be heard before said Court, on ■ - sdaeeday, the ninth day of September, and on jj wlneslay, the ninth day of December next, at ten 5 lack in the t'orenoon of each of those daya. y Dated, Ann Arbor, June 9th, 1874. „;„, NOAH W. CHEEVER, s 1482w4 Judge ot Probate. Mortgage Sale. WUKÜEASGeorgeW. Mohr and Rachel , wife.of the tuwnship oi Sylvan w-li,, "'" County, Michigan, on the ninth day of ,.,,, Oa the year oí our Lord one thousand iii J" and sovcnty-one, execnted a mortgage to Ge , ,d Davisof the same place, to secure ihe i,nVm . ■ oertain principal and interest money th,.,'.,n "' lioncd, whlch mortgage was recorded in theu "' the Register of Deedsin said county, on tli t ' day of Ootober, a. d. ir;i, ut nin'oo'dook . h said day, in liber 41 of mortgages, on page 819 ■ ' said mortgage was nul y assigned on the seconád ■lanuary, a. i. one tkonsand eighi handled and enty-two, to Luther Jumes, of the townshin Of t ■ countyof Washtenaw aforesaid. and recorded hi1 office of the Koester of' Deeds of said countv rirstday of April, a. D. I ment of mortgages on page t wo hundred and J?" ty ; and whereaa defsult lias been made furm (lian thirtydays m the payment of an instaD of interest money yhich becamc due ontbaiiJS day of Ootobwr, a.d. 18!3, by reason whercofïï purauant to tbc term of sald mortgage, said m gngoehoreby elects that so much oi said win ■ aaremaina unpaid, with all arrearagea oi iS tliereon, shal! becomedueand puyable immediaii and whereas there is elaimed to be due and uhdkm ï: suid mortgage at the date of this notice tlie L„ " live thousand and flfty-two doílam ' seventy-nine cents, for principal and interi attorney'i fee of flfty dollars nhould any pi be laken to foreclose said mortgage, and also thi " ther sum of cii-ht dollars tor insurance, na proïïïS for in said mortgage, and no suit or proceeS bi ving been instituted eitherin law 01 eqnitít?"" i cover the same ot any part thereof: Notice UnJ'' fore hereby given, thai on the TWENÏY-B DAY OP JUNE NEXT, ai 2 o'olock in the .■,,.,.„, of said day, at the fiont door of the Court lh,u ' tho city of Ann Arbor. county aforesaid, (that heM the building in which the Circuit Courl county ia held;, and by virtne oi the powirofïï ' contained in said mort al] sell at m,kr auotion to the highest bidder, the premise deS insaidmoi Isfy the amount of prinpiïi and interest aboye elaimed an ue, with the cnannïï sale and attorney'n fee of fllty dollars, witk ah aforesaid, all the followinr describcd trien. . pareels of land, to wit: The Bouth half if ,? sontheastqnarterof the southwesi quartei 1 twent j-three ; also a strip of land i ttfty links in. widtn north and eouth and bout in ! chams east and west, being ofl from Ihe south iïï i of the northwest quarter oí tlie southwest miarte i section twenty-four, and off of the south sideoftS north half of the sontheast qnarti r of section t ■ ty-three (23j, otmtaining in the last describid ni paveel of land fifteen acres ; also bezinning j? northeiist corner of the southweel southwest quarter of section twenty-four r'4 nf ning thence south on the half quarter line and seventy-thrce links to the northeast emt,n,i land deeded by Aaron Lawrence to I.ois Fenn, tiet south eighty-six degreee west sixteen 16) chaimí! a stake, thence south fonr degrees east tlute ehain and thirty-eiirht links to a stake on the east side 5' , a spring, thence west four chains across said spnW a stake, thence north twenty-flve links to a stal thence aonth eighty-aix degrees west three cl flfty hr.ks to a stake in the east line of seclion t„ ty three, thence sou! h eighty-flve degreesand thirti minutes west parallel with the sontli lino of eeeliJ twenty-three f23j about forty (4Q chains tj a staken the center line of said seeiion tventy-three, them north on said center line nine chains and eightyJi links, thence east parallel with the sonth line of 5 sections twenty-three and twenty-tour ai, chains to the place of beginning, containing Mtj-tn acres of land ; a'so a pieee of land off of the iwtk , west corner of the northwest quarter of tlie soiií east quarter of said seotioo twenty-three five chaiii and sevonty-one and one-half links wide j west. and seventeen chains and flfty links north ana HOnt-h irom the Dortbwest corner, oí the piece of land second abovedescribed oontaicing ten aen all in township two south of range three east, coüntr of Washtenaw and IState ot V. iiid.atn'. taininfi in all one hundred acres f land moreorltss Heing the lands desciibed in a certain indeiiture of mortgage given by Gtorge W. Molir and wife to (ieorge E. Da, and recorded iu the liesiister'sofc for Washtenaw countv, ín liber 40 ot' mor!'rjii:psf,n page 342. Dated, April 3, 1S74. l.rriIER JAME8,Assisniee John N. Gott, Attomey of said fpr said Assinee. 1472tti Mortgage Sale. WHEREAS Levi II. Douglasa of the Htyof Am Arbor, county of Wastenaw and State of Mi igan, on the eighteenth day of July, A. U. 1872, estcuted a mortgage to John N. Uott and Julia of the same place, to secure the payment of certain principal and interest money thereia mentkiDed whicli mortgage was recorded in the omce of the K ister ot d-eds in the county of Washtenaw ;ind State of Michitian, on the IHih day of .July, A. D. 1872, n Liber 48 of mortfrages, on page 29'.', and wheniièlatilt bas been made for more than tliirty days. in the payment of an iustailment of said interes' which becamedueon the 18th day ofJnly, by reason whereof and pnrsuant to the term mortgage, said mortgagees elect that so mueh oí êaid principal as remains unpaid, with all anearaniol interest tliereon, shitll become due and paynblc iomediately ; and whereaa, there is elaimed 'to be due and unpaid at the date ot this notiee llie sum of three thousand two hundred and ninety-eight dol sixteen cents tor principal and mtezst, also ftfty dollars as a reasonablesolicitor's or attorney's feesliould any proceeding be taken to foreclose sald m and no suit or prooeedmgs have been instatuted, either in law or equity, to recover the same omny partthereof: Notice is thprefoi'eherehy eii on SATUUDAY, THE TWKNÏV'-SKVENTH DAÏ OF JUNE next, at two o'clock iu the afterioonof said day, at the south door ot the Court House in !he city of Aun Arbor Cthat being the building in whiub the Ciicuit Court for the county of Wa&bten&w and state aforesaid is held,) and by virtue of thepi,werof eale contained in said mortgage. ] shall sell at public auction to the highest bidder, the prenuses describid in said mortgage, to saüsty the amount of principal and interest elaimed to be due with the Al fee of flfty dollars and chai ges of sale, to wit: 411 that certain piece or parcel oi tand situated in thecity of Aun Arbor, county of Washtenaw, al known, bouiided and described as follows. towit:Being the north half of lot number eix (6J in blwk number three south of Huron street, and rftDge number six (6J east, according to a recoidtd plat oí the village Cnow eityj of Ano Arbor. Dated, April 3d, 1074. JOHN N. GOTT ani Julia A aun; John N. Gott, Atty. 1472 Mortgagees. Mortgage Sale. DEFATJLT having been made in the conditioiu Df a certaio ido cuted ' ( Braithwaite, !' the city of Ann A Washtenaw and State of Michigan, Ij Samuel l'.Jiett, of the same place, hearing üate i! January, A. D. one thousand eijilit hundred ; enty-two. and recorded in the otfiee of the 1 of Deeds for Washtenaw County, ii ainth day of January, a. d. i V J . in liber 48 of ïuortgages, mi page L8. by which defauil li;1 coDtained in said mortgage has becoine op and on which mortraure there ís i laimed to I the date hereof the sum of thirty-four dolls thirty ceuta (and the further sum of four ■ dollars to become due there al io ai of thirty dollars should any proceedings !■ I foreclose said mortgage : and no proceedings or in ehaucery baving been instituted !■ rei debt seeured by said mortgage or any pari I Notice is therefore hereby givèn thai by rirtu power of sale contained in suid mortgage, statuie in sach case made and provided raid aw gage will beforeclosedonSATi ki).v,tiii:Ti DAT OT Junk, a. d. 1874, at two o'cloelt ia i noon of that day, at the BOUth (.i; House in the city of Ann Arbv In i Washtenaw isaid Court House beleg the i holding the Circuit Court for tin county of V nayi, by a sale at public auetion, tothe highest bidder, the premises descrihedin said moi are known, bounded and desi ribedas Collows. toiü Kcing lot number twenty (20), in .leuett's a. to Ann Arbor city, according to a thereof in the Register's office of Washtenau i in liber 67 of deeds, on page 578, Dated, Ü8, 1874. SAMUEL P JEVeTT, John N. Gott, Mortgagee. Att'y forMortgagee. 14T1 Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having been made in the coniitionsof a certain mortgage, made and executed by -Km sha Huil, ot the city of Ann Arbor, t'ouiní : Washtenaw aud ytato of Michigan, to Lewi don. of the same place, in trust tor l-'rances M. liogers, a minor, bearingdate the twenty-firfi of June, A. D. 1869, and recorded in the office of Heelster of Deeds for said County, on the same ï at four and one-half o'clock p, m., in liber 42 of mort images, on page 57 ; by which defanlt the pover of ie contained therein beeaine operative, and thereQW being elaimed to be due thereon the sum o thousand six hundred and twenty three dollars and ninety-six cents, principal and interest, and do proceedings at law or in equity having been taken I cover the same or any part therof : Notice is berety given, that. by virtue of a power of eale eontainediB I said mortgage, I shall sel] at public auction, lot. highest bidder, on the sixth day oí Jnly nest, 12 o'elock noon, at the south door of' the Court Hou in the city of Ann Arbor {that bein the place w1 holding the Circuit Court for the County of Waslitc naw), tho premises described in said mortgage, orM much thereof as shall be necessary to pay the amouD' due theieon and tbe legal costs of safe, towit: W number twelve ( l'2j in block number two Cl) soiiti Huron street and Range number eleven, in tbe eiis1 ern addition to the village (now city} of Ann Ara in the County ol Washtenaw and State of MieliigJJated, Ann Arbor, Marot] 12, 1874. 1469 LKWIS C. R1SDOX, Mortiiaseein Trust. ■ Sheriffs Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Washtenaw Coui.t?,'' By virtue of one writ of exeeution issued out "l ind under the seal of the Circuit Court for the Cour ,y of Washtenaw, and to me directed and delrrtj kgainst the goods, chattles, lands and tenem010 iamuel Burbank and .Austin F. Etirbank, I l'j ,he twenty-fourth day of April, A. D. 1874, seiij md levied upon all the right, tltle and in! iamuel Burbank has in and to the following ■ 0 wit : That piece of land situated in the lo f' Inn Arbor, County of Washtenaw and State of MwJ gan, described au follows. to wit : Benig a part?1 he southwest quarter of seetion thirty. in townwtf wo south of range six east, beginning at a poiof' he quarter line in the center of the road leadiD outhwesterly from the city of Ann Arboc tliecK mithalong the quarter line of BHid seeticm twenty' hree chains and forty-flve links to the qu. lience west along the section line eight ohainfl 1"11' ighty-seven links, thence north parallel witi :'e oarter line twenty-one ohaina and Beventy linl ie center of said road, thence along the s ie place of beginning, containing twenty acres ,nd ; which above deacrihed property 1 shall ex r sale at public auction Io the highest bidder ;it ly (uth door ol the Court House, in the city of AW rbor on the twenty-seventh day of June, A.1 i74, at ten o'clock a. m. of said day. Dated, Ann Arbor, Mav 1:', W4! 1478td M. FLEMING, ShcriCf 5 TATE OF MICHIGAN, Fourth Judicial fin'lll:' MnChaneery. Suit pending In the Circuit Con" r the County of Washtenaw, in ( hanrerv rbor on tlieltth day el' April -. l. 174-. ayne vs. Alonzo E. Vayne. li app t hat the defendant, AlonzoE.Wayne,is no'l nt of tbe State of Michigan, but that he resida" eStateof LooJaiasa, ' Is ordered that tb Lidant canse liis appearanoeiñ this cause to b " red with i u three tnonths from the dale -i lliis"lil'rd that in ease ui' bis appearance he caua er to the complainant's bul t' complaint t be l;1 d a eopy serred od thec tnpli Inant s solicitor wi twenty days after service of a eopy of said bul Al1.': tice of thU order, and in default thereof tliatsu" 1 be taken as eonfessed by said defendant AnSJ further ordered thai within twenty days saidco linant eause a nuiiee of this order to be the Michigan Abgus, a newspaper printed n-1" inly weekly, and thai tbe publication beo said paper onee in eaeh week lor six BI eks, or tbat she cause a eopy efthis order '■ tallj Berred apon Baid derendant at [east tweot] .'s before the time prescribed for bis appeamnc f1476 JOHN 1'. LAWEENCE, OHH N. Gott, drcuil Courl Comraissioner Coiiipl'ts. Sollcitor. alii tligf:CURE YOUKSELF A HOME. 'aluable City Lots for sale Cheap, and long t'10 en for payment f desired. 1475m3 C. H. MiLLKX.


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