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Maxims For A Young Man

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Never be idle. If your hands caunot be employed, attend to the cultivation of your urind. Always speak the truth. Keep good coinpauy or none. Live up to your engagenients. Keep your own secrets, if youhavo any. When you speak to a person, look him in the face. Good company and good conversation are the very sinews of virtue. Good company is aboye all things elso. Never listen to loose or idle conversation. You had better be poisoned in yuur blood than in your principies. Your character cannot be essentially injured except by your own acts. If any one speaks evil of you, let your life be so virtuous that no one will believe him. Drink no intoxicating liquors. Ever live, misfortune excepted, within your means. When you retire to your bed, think over what you have done during the day. Never speak lightly of religión. Make no haste to be rich if you would prosper. Small and steady gains give conipetency with tranquillity of mind. Never play at any kind of game. Avoid teujptation through feitr that you may not withstand it. Earn your money before you spend it. Never run in debt unless you see a way to get out again. Ñever borrow.if you can possibly avoid it. Be just before you are generous. Keep yourself innocent if you would be happy. Snvfi wlipn vnn aro VOUÍIÍ?. ÏO BDOUti when you are


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