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Keep It From Them

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-Don't give hquor to your children. Jf ossibly you can do it with safety, but the chances are against it. One of the first literary men in the United States said to -writor, after speaking ou tho subject of teinperance : " There is one thing wuich, as you visit different places, I wish you to do everywhere : that is, entreat every mother never to give a drop of strong drink to a cbild. I have had to iight, as for my life, all my days to keep froin dying a drunkard, because I was led with spirits when a child, and acquired a taste for it. My brother, poor fellow, died a drunkard. I would not havo n ohild of mine take a drop of liquor for anything. Wam every mother, wherevor you go, never to give a drojto a child. Many a man thinks it's virtue that koeps him from turning a rascal, when it's only a f uil stomach. One s'nould bo careful and not mistake potatoos for principies.


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