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ihe oominittee appointed by the VH8k. tenaw County Pioneer Society to make the noceasary arrangomeuts fot fttteudia the Setui-Centniiial Anniversary of the settlement of Ypsilanti, met at tbe office of C. Joslin, Esq., in the oity of Ypsilanti June 20th, 1874. The following nauud' gentlemen were present : Aaroa Childs, Augusta. Daniel LeBüron, líndguwater, William A. Jones, Dexter, Dr. N. Wobb, Pittofltild, Gteorge Botton, Nurtlititld, Morrell Goodiich, Lima,Charlea Allmendmger, Lodi, Wiiliaiu M. Gicgory, Saline, James W. Wing, Beio, 8. Crippin, Superior, Peter Cook, York, E. 1). Lay, Ypsilanti Town, S. S. Derby, Ypsilauti Citv. On niotion, Wm. A. Jones, of Daxter, was appointed Chainuan, and Peter Cook, of York, Secretary. C. A. Chapín, oí' Aun Arl.or citv, oüertd I the following resolutïon, whieh was . adopted: Resolved, That the Committee from each town invito members and persons eÜL'ibie to membership of the Pioneer Society ' with their families, to urnte in the Picl me dinner to be held at Ypsilanti, Ju]y 4th 1874, and also to bring provisiuns and aishes suitable for the occasion. All basketa and disbes should be properly raarked to prevent contusión. It is understood that the committee at Ypsilanti will furnish tablea, coffee, tea and trininiings. George Sutton, of NonhHeld, offered the following resol ution, which was adopted : lienofoed, That the chairmau appoint n hupenntendent to take charge of the tables, and that he be instructed to cali to hia assistance suoh number of persons as he uiay deern necfissary. The Chair appointed Peter Coolc as auch Superintendent. On motion of Pr. N. Wehb, of Pittsfield, it. was resolved that when we adjouru, we adjourn to meet at Union School Hall, in the city of Ypsilanti, from 7 to 10.30 o'olock, A. M., July 4th, 1874. Ou motiou, the meeting adjourned. PETER COOK. Sccretary. The headquarters of the Pioueer Society will be at the Union School Hall, Ypsilanti, where members, their friends and those intending to benome members, are requested to meet on their arrival in the city. Proper badges for meinbers of the Sooiety can be had of the Beoretory who will be present with the books of the Society, to record the names of those who wish to become members. - There was a terrible accident at Syracuse, N. Y., on Tuesd-ty evening last. The second noor of the Cuntrul Baptist Church, a new building, gave way without waruing. Both stories were filled with people, atteuding a strawberry festival, and 13 were killed, and naarly 200 more or less iiijured - soxe of them seriously. Long, weak and poorly supported Hoor tiiubers the cause. - Senator Carpenter has written a letter defending hisiDfumous "gag" sectioa in the judicary bilí, a section by which a poor newspaper follow was to be proseoutod for libel jast as well where he as as where he wasn't. He has forgotten the saying, " Discretion is tha better part of valor. - A Wisconsin Democratie joarnal has made its nominations f'oi theciimp dgn cf 1876. lts candidütes are : for Preidf nt -Allen G. Thurman, of Ohio; for VicePresident- Thomas F. Bnyanl, of wib. aun me party is Jikely to do worse rather than better. - PostmasterGeueral Creswell has knooked vitality out of a popular raaxiui which states that no office-liotdor ever resigned, by doing that very thing himself, of which very few people will complain. Hon. Eugene Hdl is spoken of as his successor. - That venerable oíd fossil, Hczekiah G. Wells, of Kalamazoo, bas been appointed one of tho Comuiissioners prcvided tbr by the Goneva avvurd bill.


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