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High School "commencement."

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The exercises of the graduating class of the High School took place on Friday forenoon last, ra the hall of tho High School building, commencing at 10 o'clock a. M. The hall was beautifully trimmed for the occasion (as usual by the Janiore), with wreaths and festoous of evergreens, hanging baskets oí flowers, and pi2tures. The closs motto over the Windows in the rear of platform, "Eren to the Heights," was beautifully executed, and we hope significant in prophesy' The platform was occupied by the teachers of the High School, "members of the School Board and other prominent citizens. The exercises were couducted in aocordunce with' the following PBOOBAMME. MUSIC - " Wandercr's Night Song." PBAYEB, by Iïev. S. Keed. ücsic- "Prayer Before Battle." 1. Our Country's Debt to Her Orators, A. S. Pf.ttttt. 2. Foundations, FaNXIE K1ER8TEAD. 'i. American Adaptabüity of Chr;icter, J. L. Watkiss. 4. Eelation ot Literary Culture to Suecess, Floea A. Nokton. music - " Toast." 5. Nobility, ÜEE SCIIUKTZ. 6. Has it Failed f D. N. DeTab. 7. Iuteiwoven with Gold, Alta L. Beotheeton. S. The Prejudice of Patriotism, J. H. Scott nrsic - " Praiee to the Soldier." 9. Customs, Cora A. Schoff. 10. Some Defects in our Educationai System, Webstee Cook IL The Spirit of Inqairy, Masy L. Maetyn. 15. Conceutration, G. W. Knioht. MTSIC- ". What Beams so Brightly. ' 13. TheDream of One Age the Science of (he Next, Melme Eooees U. Etpuhlicanism ín France, A. C. Angell. 15. Capacity for Friendship, EOSE J. COLBY. 16. The Uïility ot Doubt, G. H. Hareowee. musio- "The Roe." FEE8ENTATION OF DIPLOMAS. Musio-"Waltz." We are uot disposed to criticise the individual ntions or essays, or to point out speoial beau'■-s- which were many, or glaring defects - 'hich were few. The essays of the youug lalits were well writteu and well read, perhaps we should say spoken of one or two ot them while the orations of the gentlemen combined ruiturity of thought with general good delivery showing careful study and training. Nither will we lay ourselves open toa charge of favorïtism by assuming to say who excelled. The tiosen representativos of the class did credit to tliemsolvcs, their class, their teachers, aud the school. At the close of the programtne the several divisions were calledto the platform, and Superintendent Perry, presented each with a certifícate of graduation 111 one or more of tho preribed courses, as follows : Clusical Course..-A. C. Angell, Otis C. Baker, Alta L. Brotheiton, J. Rose Colby, Webster Cook, M. B. Dauaher, D. N. DeTar, C. M. ogherty, Franklm GaiTÍson, Claience T. PSs, Georpe H. Harrower, George W. piight, A. S. Pettitt, Orr Schurtz, Jüb H. Scott, uzie C. Willson, Frank A. Woodruff, T. J. "rampelmeier, S. P. Youngs. Latín Coime.- Daniel A. Allen, Nelhe Bur0i Helen Buzzard, Kate Coman, Jtlm A. J'ynu, Charles E. Garuer, Mary L. Riley, Mellie Eogers, Sydney Wight, Hisie Wmes. Seientijic Course. - G. F. Allmendiuger, wmni C. Ames, Chas. E. Beeclier, James jírady, George H. Chipman, E. S. Davis, J. D DuSbane, J. E. Hansou, Ella Hicks, Celia Y. wudsley, Josie G. Luieren, H. G. Myei-s, ƒ 'ora A. Norton, Carrie L. Risdon, William A. 'Jtis, J jay Read, Addie Smith, H. G. Wauty, J' L. Watkiua, Maria Vail. English Course.- Cathelia Alien, Fannie Alantead, Mary L. Martvn, Cora A Schuif, Uara S. Taylor. Frencfi and Scientific Courses.- Atice II. "ouglaá, Lillian S. Wehs. Germán and Scientific Courses. - Flora Huson tt. Mann. Merman and Latín Courses.- F, D. Erasberger. Germán Course.- Lillie Nichols. Commercial Course.- Carrie Everett, Fred C. Mon, N. W. Leonard, J. C. Tayior, Julia wood, Clysses T. Foster. After which the benediction waa pronounced br Eev. S. Haskell. The music of the occasion was furnishcd by the Univeisity Glee Club of '75. . And so closes auother properous Bchool year


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