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A Great Want In Our Jail And Poor House

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ong existingin our Poor House and Jail - faeihies for bathing. Ia the first report of the Com. ïissioners to examine the Peual and Charitable ïstitutions, they uoted under the heading Vashtonaw Couuty jail - as no bathing faciliies. Some years since the Board of Supervisors passed an order for a bathmg tub, bot the ppropriation was inadeqmRe. Persons conhned lor weeks, especially not under sonence, should at least not be denied so simple a omfort, while often men are brought in from !ie gutter who need a thorough cleaning for the enefit of others as woll as themselves. At no reat expeuae a bathing tub might be placed in ne of the cells and water supplied from a spring n the cellar. In the report of the Commissioners made to ne last Legislature, commending, as they justly nay, our Poor House, they add, " one great want is some better provisión for bathing pur" poses." It is due to such faithful servants as Mr. and Mrs. Van Eiper, that they should have every facility for keeping tbeir wards in good condition. AU things considered, the House is a marvel of cleanliuess. As the Superintendente in their last report state : " We have a bathing house on the premaes and all inmutes are required to use it as often as it is thought necessary to keep them clean and healthy " - it would not be expensive to iucrease the facilities. Our county is certainly able and willing to ear such expenditures. That the Superintendent and Supervisors with their many duties hould overlook such matters is not to be wondereU at We hope to see both Jail and Poor House upplied with the best arrangeraonte without delay. G. D. G. The C9th public examination of the Miases Clark's School occurs Thursday and Friday, the 25th and 26th of June, 1874. Closing exercises Friday afteruoon, the 26th nst., 3 o'clock to 5 p. M. : Eeadiug of the Wild rioiver, Vol. 35, N"o 20, and the compositions, - ' Wind and Eain," " Growing Tlnngs," " Travelng," " The World about U8," and Valedictory. tíUSÍCi On Thursday afternoon, the 25th inst., ■n-ill be a review of the studies of the term, and the ame concluded Friday morning, the 26th inst. Maky H. Clask, Principal. Aun Albor, Juno 16th, 1874.


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