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JTROM HEADQUARTERS. THE POSTOFFICE QUESTION 18 SETTLED AT LAST. BEAL IS BEATEN BY THE A6RICULTURAL CO. Who announce to their Customers that thcy will sell Full Trimmed Wagons, Warranted for one year at $75, including all extras. % fire, Sprinir seats. Whiöietrees. Neckyokes, and top base. This sale to be for Cash, and to be open for Thirty Days. Also II IJ. TRIJUIED PLOWS. 10 DOLLARS. Farmers, if you wish to aupply yourselves now is the time for cash. All goods warranted. Any article in our line equally low We are never uudersold. We are getting on a lull stock of REAPERS AND MÖWERS of the Johnston Patent, which we offer eqaally low, and we will put up $1,000 that the Combi ned Reaper is the best, cheapest and eiisieat working combined Kenper and Slower in the IJ. S. of America. The old reliablc Reaper is too well known to require any backing, it is admitted by all that it is the best Rea per in the Union. We would also say that we will sell all our goods for Cash at lower figures than they bought elsewhere, andevery ai-ticle "WARRANT EH to suit paichaser or no sale. Cali Before You Buy and Save Tour Money. A. A.AGRICULTURALCO. H77m3 Briggs House, Randolph St. and Fifth Ave. CHICAGO., This well-known Hotel, rebuilt upon Se oíd site, has all the modern conveniences - Passenger Elevator, Jïaili Rooms, Hot and Cold Water in each Hoorn, Elegnntly Furnishcd, andlocated in the business centre of tlic city, TERMS: $3.00 Per Day. R1CKC0RDS & HUNTOON, - -Priprirtors. HARDWOOD & BASSWOOD LUMBER FOE SALE. THE subscriber has on hand 'a good aasort ment of OAK, ASH, KLM, BASSWOOD, W HITEWOOD, and other varieties oiLuniber, from V, in. to 3 in. thick. ALSO, Fence Post, Square Timber. Plank and Oak Stud"Bng of all sizes kept on hand or-inade to order 011 short notice. Particular attention giren to CUSTOM SAWING. Fence Posta planed, Oak Pickets kept on hand and sawed to order. MOULDINGS of different palterna sawed to order. FARM GATES kept on hand and sold cheap. Particular attention given to furnishing bilis of timber of different lengths and aizes on the most reasonuble te"ims. SAWS GUMJIED ON SHORT NOTICE. LOGS WANTED. I am prepared to pay CASH for sound Oak, Ash, Basswood and Whitewood Logs delivered at my mili, or will buy and measure Loga in tho woods within six ruilen of the mili. B"All persons indebted to the late flrm of Wlnes & Hallock will please cali and settle their accounts at the Mili. J. T. HALLOCK. Atchison,Topeka and Santa Fe BAILROAD. THREËMILLIONACRES LIBERAL TEBMS TO IMPROVERS. II YËARS CREDIT, 7 PER CBNT. INT. No Part of the Principal payable for Four Years, FINE GRAIN-GROWING REGIÓN. Tracts of one and two thousand acres available for Neighborhuod Colonies, or for atock Farms. Excellent Climato, with Puro Flowing Water. II 1 would say, that in the course of many years, " and through extensivo travel. I have not seen a more "inviting country, nor one which offers greater in"ducements, with fewer objections to t-ettlement, " than these lands ot the A. T. & S. F. R. K."- Extracl Report of Ilenry SUwart, Agncvltural Editor American Agriculturalist. For iull particulars inquire of A. E. TOUZALIN, ■ Land Commissioner, Toi'eka, Kansas. VBl!. I'ond, Local Agent, Ann Arbor, Mich. W. A. L0VEJ0Y, TOBACCONIST ! Deals in both FINE CUT AND SMOKING TOBACCO, Snu-ff, Pipes, &c, AT XO. 7 EAST HÜROX STREET, Next to the Express Office, AXSi Alt llOit. KUCH. 1345tf TVVVELLING HOUSES JbuE SALE Alargeand very wcll built brick house, with two or inore lots. Two large Iramed house. Also a good qized brick house nud fmmed ; and a small frame house on a good lot. in tended for adding a f runt for sale on fair terms and a reasonable credit. Also other buildings, lots, and property. ITIONEY' WAMED-So many wibhing to orruw monoy applj to me that I can readily obtuin for Undcn good satisfactory investinents at ten per cent. ntere . E. W. MOIIGAN. Ann Arbor, Aoril 23. Ï873. 142-itf HPAKE NOTICE. ■ I have this day employed Mr. Clark, wlio. for the past 'iü years , has had charge of the Cook's Hotel Barn, and Farmers or others who wish their horseB fed and watered according to orders, at reasonable rates, will Hnd the " ' 'ld Reliable" at the Monitor Livery Stable, Cor. Hurón and bocond Btreets Ann Arbor, May 14, 1874. J. V. GKEOORY, Prop. TpOE SALE ! A GOOD MOWER, FANNIXG MILL, AND LTJAÍBER WAGON. Iuquire at J. FERDON & SON'S Lumber Yard. 14S2w2 OBCURE YOURSELF A HOME. Valuable City Lot for sale Cheap, and long tim given for payment if deeired. H75m3 c. H. MILLEN. ARGUS BULLETIN : WANTED 2000 NEW SUBSCRIBEN WANTED. More Mercnants and Business men, who knowing their own interests will advertise in the Arqus. VI3HT T GET YOUE BILL-HEADS, CIECULARS, LETTEB-HEADS, STATEMENTS, At the Argus Office. SET TOUE BALL CAEDS, BUSINESS CAEDS, VISITING CAEDS, WEBDING CARDS, At the Argus Office. ahooi GE GET YOUR LAW BLANKS, LAW BBIEF8, LAW EECOEDS, PROGRAMMES, AT THE ARGUS OFFICE. t iiiviisii ai New Type, Best Presses, Good Worknibn, AND REASQNABIE PRICES ! j ■ = VW A WOED TO THE WISE. "NTEW REAL ESTÁTE OFFICE OF ABNER HITCHCOCK & CO. 43 South Main St., Ann Arbor, Mich. City Property Ifouses, Lots ana Farms FOE SALE AND EXCHANGED. 80UTUERN LANDS FOR SALE. COLONIES LOCATED. STOCKS AM !HORT(iAGES FOR S ILE. 147Gm3 AND MONEY'S LOÁNED. " HOW TOO WB8T." Thls is au inquiry whioh evcry oue shouid have truthf ully answercd before be starts on his journey, and a little care taken in examination of routei will in many cases save much trouble, time and money. The ChicagiJgBurlington & üuincy Railroad has achieved a splendid teputation in the last three years as the leading Paseniter Route to the West. Starting at Chicago or Peoría, it runs direct through Southern Iowa and Nebraska, with close connections to California and the Territorios. It is alo the short line and bost Une to önincy, Missouri, and points in Kandas and New Mexico. Fassengers on their way westward connot do better thun to take thia route. This line has publlshed a pamphlet entitled How TO go West," which contains much raluable information ; a large, correct map of the Great West, which can be obtaioed fret of charge by addreutng the General Western Passenger Agent, Chicago, Burlington & Qutacy Railroad, Chicago, 111. Ufilyl CLOTHING! CLOTHING! CLOTHING ! The Spring Campaigu OPENED i_EARNEST. BULL, THE CLOTHIER, las just airived and opened the great One-Price CLOTHING HOUSE. IV MARTI N'S BLOCK. Vhere j-ou can now find the Laigost, Finest and most Complete Stock of RBADY-HADB CLÜÏHIJVG HATS, CAPS, TUÜNKS, AND Gents' FurnisMng iloods, Every bef ore ofifered in A. n Aabor. Mo trouble tosnow Good at tho Star C'lutliliiff House, No. 33 fcjoulb Maiu St., Last side, And Arbor, ilich. GEOBGË BULL. U73U RailroaD Accident I Cases after cases of GENTS' YOUTHS' AND BOYS' READY-MADE Spring and Summer CLOTHING ! are continually arriving for WGNER. l'hc goods were bought for Cash so low that they nn and will be sold at prices Defying all Competitiim, and justsuitable to those in need of OLOTHES, iid pressed aoraewbat by hard timea. Also those tbat take pride in wearing First-Class Clothes Will be nble to select f rom the best uf Foreign and Domestic makes of CASSIMERES AND VESTINGS And have them made at the same place in the lateat Style, and Warranted to Fit before th.y leave, If uuything in Farniahing Ooods line they should hnppen to need, eTerylhing in the Gents' Dressing line can be found at Lower Prieel than at any other Clothing House at WM. WAGNER. No. 21 South Male St., Aan Arbot 14694 ■ - ' NEW sriin gooos AT BAOH & ABEL'S A Large andw ell-selected stock at the lowest cash prices. We invite an inspection our assortment of w and would cali especial attention to our brand of ' , BLACK ALPACAS " THE MARIE STUART," Acknowledged to be su peior to any other imported. Chaney BrotherB, American, and Lyons BLACK SILKS at reduced prices. A LAKGE LINE OP Bleached and Brown Cottons including most of the popular branda Hill's, Lonsdales, Wamsuttas, New York Mills, &o. A WELL SELEGTED STOCK OF WHITE & LIN1 GÜODS. A full line of the celebrated A. T. ötewart ALEXANDRIA KID GLOVES The best Glove imported. BACH & ABEL. DRUG STORE! GLASS MOUT AR! Having been for the past four year witb R. W. ]211is & Co.. I Lava now purchnsed tho Drug Store of E. B. Gidley No. 12 EAST ÏÏÜKON ST CCook'B Hotel Block;. I have Gleaned, Re-fltted, and Be-atocked tlie Store with Pure DRUGS, MEDICINES. A Full line of Tancy Articles, Terfume, Brushes, Comba, Soaps, Sponges, Patent Medicines, Dye SlUÖB, &C. ruin & om PUEE WINES AND LIQUOES For Medicinal Purposes. Agcnts for Tieman's Celeteatjd SÜRGICAL INSTRUMENTS. Physicians' Prescriptiona a Specialty. L. S. LERCH. 1469tf T IVE ÖEESE FEATHjükS PIKSTQUALITT, ConHEntlyonhsDd aodforialeby BACEb ABEL.


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