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Walking Horses

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wiio ui me most aesiraDle aria valúame gaita for a horse is a walk, and it should be the aim to first develop this gait in the handling of the colt. ïho good walker will always make good time on the road when a day's journey is to be made, without worrying hiniself, while the slow moper must be constan tl y kept on the trot if time is to be made. A large horse that will walk five miles per hour will go as far in a day, confiued to this gait, as an ordinary horse can be driven when kept half of the tir.e on the trot, and with inuch greater ease to himself. If one half the pains were taken by farmers' boys to make fast walkers of the youngsters on the farm that is usually taken to makothem trot, the result would be much more beneficial, and we would find plenty of teams that could do their five miles an hour with ease ; but instead of .this, as soon as the colt is bridled, the sole aim of " the boys" is to make a trotter of him, and both gaits are spoiled. Make the colts walk, boys ; make them extend themselves in a long, s weeping square walk, and don't be satisfied with anything less than five miles an hour. When he gfits to trotting he will go all the faster for this preliminary training to the walking gait, and if he cannot trot fast enougb. to beat Dexter or Goldsmith Maid, or Occident, he will have a gait that is invaluable for business purposes. We hope to Bee more attention paid to fast walking than heretofore, and we respectfully urge upon agricultural societies the importance of offering liberal prizes tor walking horses at the fairs for


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