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A lady correspondent of the Country UenlUinnn. writes : "I learn a great many useful littlo things from my servant girls. The other day Mary was ironing and asked for a piece of sand-papor to rub her irons on. I was astoniHhed tliat T had never thought of it before ; it is so nice, removes every bit of starch, or anything eise, and malees them so gniooth. Oue girl taught mo tliat old corsets mak tim ln-st sfcivo-clotlis. Just onehalf at a time in a convenient Bize ; they are ready made, and much better when unfolded to ttike hokl of anything with than a made holder, and much easier to wash. Just throw them in with the brown towols, as mariy as you happen to get during the week, and they come out clean and ready to use again. Another girl pours hot water on the blades of stoel knives, ajid they wipe easily, and do not need drying. Another one told in the bust way to keop hams and driod boef was to pack in dry salt. We have tried it several years with perfect success. An old salt barrel is convenient. Set it in sonie cool, dry place; put quite a thick layer of salt in the bottom ; then pack in the hams, using the pieces of dried beef, it'you have any, for chinking; cover with salt, tben hams and salt again, till the barrel is full. There is not the least danger froui insects if the haras aro smoked and the beef dried, and put away early, before the flies come around; and they are much nicer to handle than when put in ashes or oats, or anything of that kind."


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