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Beautiful Complexion

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-The way to preserve the beauty of the complextion is to avoid as much as possible all occasions which sooner or later trouble the tuind ; to accustom one's self early to resist demonstrative emotions, either of groat joy or sorrow. Generally speaking, cold air is a mortal enemy of the complexion, nevertheless there are exceptions with persous of high color, who support it easily ; while those of a palé tint find themselves botter in warm air. The manner of living in pgint of view of alimentation has a great ïufluence on the complexion, because there is an intímate relation between the stute of the stoinach and the tiut of the complexión. Persons of high color spoil their complexión by using irritating alimeuts. Others fall iuto the excessof eating insufficient, hoping to preserve freshuess oí complexión ; they only injure their stomach, and give thomselves a palé, bluish tint. Kven tlght clotlies have an important influence on the complexión. Prom what I have said, it will be easily understood tliat in the observance of hygienic rules will be found the best meaus of preserving the delicacy and purity of the complexión. It is wull not to give the stomach all it craves. Persons subject to a rush of blood to tho hoadshouldeat plain food and avoid all stimulating driuks, such as pure wines, liquors, etc. For those of a palé complexion it is quite the contrary. Alany are in the habit of taking something strrengthening in the morning, and sleep attorward. ïhis is wrpng. A glass of cold water taken on rising, and t'asting an hour after, is very good. As to the general rules of hygiëne, they are applicable here. To sleep too iuuch is as bad as not to sleep enougb. A too active life haa as niany disadvantagea as a too inactive one.


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