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0ESÏRA1JLI-; REAL ESTÁTE FOB SALE! The hiiIi.i i-iImt, on acetaat of il liealtu offert lüi .V.i ACKKS In the Corporation for sale. This ground adioins the ünrversitj Obsertatory on the east, opposil the street. H h&f) ; most exoelSent HPR'ING ! i in the nortliea! oornar iormerly aupltud th i:.,ü ni.A tanks with water. ITS ADYAÍMTAGES Are ay foUows : Forcity purpoaes the Huron Rivet mecmders the some 30 to 40 rode, uicl U puit t tlie hist Water Power On the Iliver in this vicinity, nd the elevation on the i corner ia suffloiently high nd ümpleto snp ply the city neiieMitie for water anti flre pui-poter THE WESTERN PORTION Dn Hu: rcnul ii appropriute and Uitfttle fora l'ulihu City Ccmetery. The city hus no suoh grouud now lint must bave won, and whutever (jrouiKls the city iloi;s not care to use, oan be sold at tuTadvuntnite, ■o iiincli su,thitt the oost of the "Water Horks frroundc ml (emetery, woulil be rnerely nominal. If tlie citv doe nnt wnnt the aame, Ihe gronndi wonld val' 8 Tor FKU1TS, LARGE&SMALL, Thore being aonif 100 trees now in tearing Voüctitbles aiirt Pasturai-e, And also for M!LKsupply,BLOODED STOCK, Horses, Mieep, And otlu-r animáis always in reat want by niany in the city and ila viciulty. As city lots adj'oioing tlic uoithwest corner of this land ure unw sellin frora three hundred to three hundred and flf ty dollars, tbese landa wonld or could be sold in a ahorttime to h gloed tdvantogá und to much protit to the purchasers LIBERAL "TIlviEE Vill be ïiven nr the same will be cxclianged for Mer cliantable (ooáa or Drugs and Medicines, at cash TRACY W. ROOT. Aiiu AiDor.jan ai 137:;. uu CARBOLIC DISINFECTING SOAPS. For washing Horses, Cattle, Plgs, Dogs; Kills Fleas on Dogs, Destroys Lice on Cattle and Horses, Tlcks on Sneep. Death to Bed Bugs and Roaches; Cheaper and bet terthan all Powders. CARBOLIC TOILET SOAPS Whiten, Beautify and Cleanse the skin from all Impurltles. ii ' CARBOLIC MEDICINAL SOAP CURES áffi M OTHER Salt-Rheum I Cutnneous And all vjj tB DISEASES. CARBOLIC PLANT PROTECTOR. AflFords complete protectlon to p'Tnts. Vlnes, Trees, &c, from all Bugs, Fleas, Plant Llce and Parasites. Without Injury to Vegetable Life. Never fallE. CARBOLIC SHEEP DIP The most effectlve cure and preventiva oí Scab-lt kills all Lice-Cads-TIcks' etc. The Increased growth and welght ot fieece encouraged by ts use more thar equals the cost of the dip. BucHAïi's Oarbollc Soaps and Compounds al are genuine. All othero are base imitations rorthleas. OLO BY ALL DRUGGISTS. How Lost, How Restored ! Just published, a nnw edition of Dr. Culverhi'IIS 1 l!r;uil Issüj on the radical curt (without medicine) of Spermatohbhcea or Hemiual Weaknens, Involuntary Seminal Loases, Impotekcy, Mental and Physical Incapacity, Impedimenta to lL&xiage ote. ;ilsn (Jonsumption, Kpilepsy and fus, induced by self-iudulgence or sexual extravagiiuce : Piles, &c. ïErPrice in a aenled envelope, only six cents. The celebrated author, in this ad'inirable Kssay, clearly de monstra tes from a thirty years' successfut practicfl, that the alarming conaequences of nelfabuse may be radically cured without the danperous use of iiiternal medicine or the application of the knife; pointing out a mode of cure at once simple, oertnin, nnrl cffectual, by meana of which every aufferer, no matter wnat his conditiou may be raay cureiümaelf cheaply, privately, and radically. &ï'his Lecture should be in the hauda of every youth and every man in the land. Sent under seal, ma plaiu envelope, to any address. poit-païd, m receipt of aix cents, or two pomtage Btampa. Also, DK. SILLSBEK'K REMEDY FÜR PILSS. Seud for circular. Address the Publisher.-, CHAS. J C. KLINE & CO.. I 27 Bowerj-, New York, Postoifice Box, 4S88. 14361 J VKW ]!AKERY! STILIISTG BÜOSWould infoira their numerous frieDdsand the public ti'neiülly, tlwt they have fltted up the store lately j jeeupied by J. C Watson & Co., 28 East Huron St., is a li'lL'üi'V illll Í 'lllll'illJl'.OLM... k-'' J .. 1 Bakery aud Confcctionery Store, and hope by a Kt riet attenticm to business to merit [ and raceiv u share of patronage. Particular ;itenUon will be paid to the Jce-Crium Department, Cakes, l'yramias, all kinds of Fruit Cakes, and Ioe-Oream furnished families or parties on short notice. Fresh Fruits and Confectionery always on hand. (iooda delivered tree of chargeto any part of the city. Kemember the place, No. 28 East Huron Street. Ann Arbor, Mny 27. 1874. E. STItlJTG, Vi. STILINtí.


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