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West Point Academy

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rence to West Point Acndetny, from a lettei ated nt thsl piace nnd published i the ' lleaveLnd Plaiixlealer: The whüle nuniber ofcadeis odmiticdto j Ije Academy, January 11, Í844, was 2,6-12. The oroduates are ttms disposed of: Killed I i battle, 11 j died ín service, 147; resigned ' fithin a year, 01.' resigned moro tBÜn a year rom graduating, SfSj declined, 6; diabanded r dismiïsed, 33. Tlie whole nuniber of arny ufficers s 710. The number of those who l vérecadets, 542; so that only 147 now nnin who were oppointed from civil Jife. Tlie foregoing, va furmshi-d fo ion, it appears, by a wan Cricnd of tlio ■my. h t-howsiliat less tlmn oneh:iirt!iecu. Iets Bfimitted to ihc Acadrrny, fravö tfraduacd fliore, büt the canse of b mny I tiotis prior to graduotion, ík nor sta:cd. Söhie esign in consrquencc of incnpacity, somu rom too preat indolence to perf.irm tlie re]uired intellectoal and physical labor, and aonie ( o avoid being entered on l)tí army roll.- Since the foundntion of the Acadcmy, only , 1,231 cadets have graduated therc, and of . ihese 399 have resigned and Sá been djitnia . sPdfrotn goremmrnt terxice. The number ( now in service, is only 0S7, and the hole 2,BiacadetBodmitied inio Weit Point, only -14, or Jess thDii oncfourth have diechargcd thcir duty to tl.Pir country; the rcrnninmi: 2, 28 lmvinjr resigned or been distnied. The I cost of educating a Licutrnant for llie übüed States Army, we venture to assert, h-s been j greatergeiicrally U0 nT0nt ot lnoncy paid to any ofllcer of the governmont, oxcept Oio President of the United States. Reform is certainfy tíeínaníed, and onlesí it can be eo radicol as to remove existing evi's nnd nbusoF, vvo trust thal VVet Point Acndemy wiU be nbandoned by the federol governmrnt. The chrity of the cotíntry w pooríy bestowed when only one out of four of recipiortts, enters npon ! theEervice for whicb he is edtiCated.-c;. Rcpubliran. Thern o fX0,m girl "' ie:tiv?ng ccíurt, tion in Trcnch convenís.