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The Whigs, Whig Principles, &c.

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sim maüe, lo urge uie auuiwun yj "- as a Wtiig principie, to bc acted upon in nationol contesta. This wc have feil it luty lo denounce, os in violation, of tliö jroinises üfour Federal Constitution nnd lerly debtructiVeofihai nationalili whrch ïfT to, nnd tbrms thegreatesl Btrength of Vhig pnrty. Ia the eame wny we havo indications ofan efibrt to commit the trs to Jïnti-llentism, and to oihnr princinnd mensures uUcrly abhorrent to tho Ie characier nnd dislory of the party, ss as to the ponce ui.d well-beiog of socieSo long as these nttempts nrc perfistcd ï ia the lüty of every W hig Journal to se them. lf iliey üre oL-artiloned, ond the t Wliig party left to stnnd upnn its old forin, to coiiieml for lts principies -tho e for which it fought in 1840 nnd 134'!- priüciples af Hariiáon and of Cfay- -tv I, as we have olways dono, live to tts icales our most cordial and effective ion. These are the only principies, nnd is the only grotind, upofi which th frg of the Union enn be rolhed. We havo righi to nbanilon ihem or to countenanca i uphold iheir abnndonment by others.- ith slavery, now as in 1340 and 1844, tha higa as a nato:il party can have nothing lo. It i a cardinal principie of thal party epcatedly proclainied in nulional as wel! m local conventions-thot to the States olont which it exist8, belongsthe coiilrol of that lilution. fliis ts the gronnd alwoys mainned by Ilt'nry Clay, und it ia t.'ie only jund on which Whign can be askcd as 8uCh act with rcference to tlïis que.-tion. Tho UigPf now as heretofore, stand pledsd, if tninant in the couocifs of the rrafiön'.THR DIFPKRIvNCE,