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n, casi 55,572 votes, and has tliree repentatives in tire lower branch of Conjss, being orre representan re to1 í 8,524 [ers. Texas, on the question of the jtion oí her State Constitution, poiled IDO votes, and has been ndniitted into ; Union with Mu tnembers of the House Uepresentaüves--one representativ f 2250 votets. So that every Tesan ter is equivalent in the choice of reprentatives to Congress, to more thon eight 'icliigan freemenl Wi.sconsin and íowa, tobe represonted :cording to the ratio in the cnse of Texi, hoald each have, f now ndmitted inthe Uuion, ot least five mcmbers in th ouse of Representatives of tho United ates. But wc venture the prediction at neilber will be permitted to have ore than one. Such is the difierenco itwoen slave and free States; and how lieüy and complacontly the North subïits to the gross injustice of which she ia ie subject in this and many other. purticlars! Her spirit of mceknees reaches. lmost to pusillanimity. - Awcrican Frceuin.- The N.-isliuo Gazctte slulcs that the Weat Inin Muil C'ympntiy havi'foiut en spIcndiiJsteairrsof fmtii i.Üdlt !o l,"00 lons burelen, whiih irm „ at-iiri ritcntltly line. rwnniiis between liliii.l, Be.'nuiiia, Madonu. S.uih America, texiw, and th principal We India Islnndf. Airy one of ihéie vezels, it e euid, by n con:,ct wiib t!i? Knglish Government, is built exrCMlv for B w.-r Btcnn.rr, and can be converlod no ene in a fe# days. Ench vessel i providcd iih duplícate of is ninchinory: n iioriion of ita imamcnt ís towod in ihn hold, nn! lie carriel DhMantly nn o'fficor of he EngiUH Nuvy, who i au horizcd to tnkc conunond of her In certoin (jiitingcncics. ïic[Jois of coal, ioot ín hnmenrt mniiiics, nre found ut S:. Thomns. Bermuda, irenadu, Kingston. Havana, Vero Cruz, and her poris, emiie of wh?ch are ttithin twemf - ,ur baiirs' m of .ur own coast. The ame ar tnrenwnt si.,1 ... axiMilb Cunnr.I nnd t.1(r M.ÍI Geinpa'nihfc Tb Onzcne'Wc hve seen it maicd that th llimber of iteaincr. induded in ihii nrr.-ngenent with the Government ot Great Briuin .. nore than $i ■"]■" CoXiftia-siosA'. AiJovuJiors.- The pa y of