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1 lic Detroit correspondent oí ine Marshall Stalesman, refering to the petitions íhat como up to the Lpgislalure, says: "Híirdly a dny passes without some bein piosenled praying for an extensión of thï ttight of ÖuflVage to onr colorcd populntion. They come f rom allseclions of tho Stnte. These have been rel'erred lo the Judicinry commitJce. An immense iiiimher lune also been rcsented praying lor lh passnge of a Bill providing í'ov n alo q( the Rail Roads. Mr. Uarbour of yfjor County piosonleJ one, nunierously sigiied, frojn Baitlo Crct'.l:, and one from Maröhallj One frprn Wnshtonaw has oiso been received asking lor "rotrèncnmept. oconomy aml judicial rcIb.iíi." I think the signers must have bee.!a linie out of their heads, however, to have sent kiki u petilion lo a Locoloco Legislatura! ll'slhe last plácelo wliicli we may kok for any thing even npproxinialing to pilhèr eennorny, retrenchmenl or refuj-;n in public ííl'tirs."