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The Messngo of Gov. Briggs shows tliat tho finances of the State nre in gooJ conó-ition. The receipfs of the year ainoiiMed to 519,358, and the paymenls excecded them by S30,S33. Tlie e.xcess howrvcr. is much inoro ihon provided for by the balance díte of the State lux for 18-iö, and no State? ta"x will be requircd this year. Tho grenter part of flie poyments nnd recoipls nre cunneetcd will) the public works, to which the Statt has loancd iis credit lo tho nmmint of live millions. Tho sinking fund onri tho prospectivo tevenues of the state are v?ry nuich bcyond all iis Üabilitics. The corrent expenses of tlie Government last year we re cfnly S 19,041. MnsiftchuseUs lins now 700 miles ol' railroads i:i qp.erniioq vvhic.h cost $28,000,000. Theavoraga value of this stock is obove par, and their nverago dividend oxoeed 6 pep cent. Shc lidü alsö 60,000,000 of capital nvcsiect in mnnufacturfis: ilie productivo industry for the year ending April 1, 1815, nmounted to Sr23,000,OOOj and wilh hor population of 800,000, lie rtíoeives annunlly the producís of sistor Smtei lo the nrnount of fqciy n-,i!!ion of doüiir.s. Deducting theamount of dornestic manuf;icturcs R.rported, thissuni eq-.uils oneholfof the exports of all the States of tho Union, to the vho!e worid. Much of ihe message is occupied in vin-" dic-itiug tho tariff policy, % Treason, murder, rapo and arson are crimes punishable wilh death in Massachusetts, and the Governor recommends siich a revisión of the criminal code as will confino that penalty to murder in the h'rst degree alone. He mentions the case of crimínala who had committed some of the other crimes named and thpn pnrpetrated murder in order to desiroy a witness. The State Prison. Luuatic Asylum, Common Schools and other public institutions nre all said lo be in admirable condition. More than a million of dollars ras expended for eduention in the State last year, the nniount raised by, towns being over 81 each for every man, woman nnd cliild.