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Highway Taxes

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i i f Rudu IUA "i mi; wnuic o;iiC ncuuruiup to llie Governor'sMossngo nmountcd last ear to $180,789,70, or nbout $3.] dolinrg lo encli vüter or three dollars to cuch liiniilv. Thia is o iieay tn.v, and as the couiHiy gro.vs older, and t lie roac's bocoins beller, il should be made lightor.QlMany petitionsnra coming into the uure for the sale of the tvb Railroads. To meet the cost of construction they should britig .5:3,343,284,92. Wil! uny body pay thot turn) The net income of both Roiuls last year was $115,")42,69. or a little more than three per L-ent, and this was all expended on the Roads. This s not a very flatlen'ng rciiilt to the State; but we have the satisraction of knowing thnt we have dono xbont as well as the neighboring States. it is said that, saving the Erie Canal, no state Public Work has ever paid the incrcst on.tho cost of construct on. (tTT'he New York San represents the , ondilion of the U. S. Army jn Texas, , low at Corpus Chrisli, as deplorable. - ?ev of the men or ofticers look well. - j UI murmur nt being compelled lo j nain at a boisterous bay, poorly ed, without camp-fires; without on, hardly wood enough for cooking, j nd a ihird of the army on the sick list. A greot company of scoundreis have ongregatcd around the army. A bout 30 8 rog shops are erected, where the soldier c re made drunk, ofien with crugged s uors, nnd then robbed. Severa! soldiers '- ave been killed by these harpies. All l inds of vice are represented as tliriving r ith great luxuriance.ñ new morning Daiiy is nbout to be taríed in London, cdited by Charles kiekens, and othera. The funds raised br the purpose ure snid te oxceed two "fiiU;o:ií of Juila r i