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American Mobs

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The following suggestions, concernmg the mobs of the United States, by llev. H. VV. Beecher are original and true. - American mobs have a most peculiar and ! hatei'ul characteristic. "The United Statrs i, I believe, the onl) Inud in which oilensive opinions ore mobpd. Olher lands have brutal riots, bui they are the outbrcak ofstifiering: it is the resistnncB of slaves to iheir oppressois; it is the lnwlessness of men dying in a of cnormous weahh from sheer starvaíioü. Mobs in Innds of grinding loxoutni, of excessivc servitude, where intolerable want gazes unsupplied upon prodiga] &. superfluous abundjincc; where hungernnd iliirst nndcold and nakedness, :md love o!" wifo and child, and of lile itself, are made to hate tho lnw as the conservator of undeserved wealth on oneside, and of undeserved poverly on the olher; where the mürnitig rises and the sun sets upon those who lonthc Üfe for . very misery - in such o land there is a reasón lor mobs, even f i ho reason is unlnwHil and unjust. But when have n welj-fed, an unoppres&pd, unprovoked populace risen up eiiicgd, jind rolled like n chafed ocean uponyictims whose only crime av that of piornidgfliiiig opinions adverse tö the wis!. ..f !i' rn.-ijoiitv? Amorica, I helieve, witVfiV.rbi!ls otVfighi, hor' deciaration of Independence, her free conslitutiórUiisJnnd of libertv which no man tires of praisjjig, hos had the solé honor of such mobs of wanton abundance, of licentious libertv."