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Congressional Extravagance

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["heSignul of Liberly says the VVhig press of this siate, with one exception, has been perfectly sileut on the subject of paying members of Congress 06 aollars n week at Washington and more than five huntlrcd dollars a week for travelling to and from that city. Undoutüedly too litile has been said upon this subject; yet several Whig papers, we think, have nnimadverted upon it: we remember distinctlv some very pointed comments in the Adrian Expositor somo time ago. We intend, and we trust the Whigs of this state ntend, to be consistent in all things. - We demand svveeping retronchment in ' all departments of the public service. But the Congressional expenses, exiravagant as they are, make but a small i tem compared with tliose of the army ind navy; and the Whig press has done i good service by publishing Elihu ritt's excellent articles on this latter eet. The Communications of the learnid blacksmiih are in all the Whig nnd inti-slavery papers thaPwe hare seen, ' ind in a few of the papers of the "Young l Democrac)'," but we have not seei. them ' n any of the organs of the locofoco ( y proper. Old hunkers hale with a { y lalred evcry thing that looks towards mprovemenl nnd progress. - Slatc Jour. ' c The Nashville Whig of Dec. 13, gives c description of n monster recenily t ovcred in Williamson county, c ee, which was entombed in tlie crevice c fa large rock, npparently in a t il position. The skcleton, standing s ecf, measures 16 leet, and resembles that f the luiman species more than any thing D se. Gentlemen of intelligence wlio uve secn the fossi] remains of mastodons ml other animáis exhibited nt the v ard, say this is by far the most tï nary nntediluvian specimen they have S ?er ser. p