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Tho receipts oí tliis rond for the monlh of December, 1845, were as follows: - For freght, 12,802 56 Froin pussengers, 4,325 03 17,127 64 Amoünt received in tho corresponding month n 1844: - For freight, 4,469 G6 From pnssengers, 3,454 08 For U. S. mail, 697 69 8,621 43"No one man. has so much influente ver our "domeslic legislation," as llie Speaker ofthc House of Representatives. He t is tbnt nppoints all ihe committees, which committees bring before the House uch subjects, and present them in suh ispects, ns best suit their views. Since :he organizntion of our government, in L769, out of the 56 years, the Slave States lave liad the speaker 38 yenrs, theFree, 18 years. With the exccption of John W. Taylor, of New York, who served hree years, tho Free States did not give i speaker to the House from 1809 to 1845. . Oí the ten Presidents, since 1789, thc Slave States have had six, whe wiil havn erved, at the end of the present term, 44 ears; the Free States fuur, who have erved 16 years. In this, Gen. Ilarrison's vhole term of four years is reckoned. - ifVhat is also worthy of rema rk, is, that io Northern President has served more han one term. Next in rappftanco to the President, is he ofticc of Secretary of Slale, as he nannges ail the business and corresponlence with foreign courts, instructs our 'oreign ministers, and nogotiates all treaies. Of the 15 who have filled this ofice, up to 1845, the Slave States have lad 10, who have served 37 years; the ?ree States 5, who have served 19 years.