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JBtJáIN33 DIRECTORY. WW. LIWTTf, !tl. n., Physioian nnd Sur geon. Office over Watto' Jeuelry btme, Main Street, Ano Albor. . 187tf pjtVF.R, HARRI.YIAN & HAMII.TO E Attorneysat Luw. Ulttoo Xiw. 7 umi II South Main tftreet, Aun Arbor, Mich. EÏASTÜS THirt'HGIt, Attorney uno Counselor :it Lkw, No. 5 Eiw. Hurun Street. Ann Albor, Mich. 13S6 l 4UIIDK VIVERAL SPRINU. A. tto-ria dili! l ') , tfu ..n utmident Offie ia tmildiuir, corner Munn and iVe-tUuron Streets. WIIVES & WOBDE1) 20 onth Main stret, Anu Ar 'Or, vtich-, wholcaale and reiail dealers in Dry Go.ds, Uarpet and Grocerics. 1351tf 11 ACK A: SCJIUID, Dealers in Dry Goods. Jl (}ricerie8,Orockery.&c. No. 54 .-outh Main Siret. ir I. JACK.SOM, Dontlst successortoC li t 9 Porter. OtHcw ciM-ur M;iiu and 'uron streetp u?er the store of R. W. Klus & o , Aun irbor, nesthetics idmiiiisteri'd if req;iired iVriIEULAÜD & WIIEBOni, Life and - .eattí. ;ind dealersiii Kual tísiatf J.flceun Uurou Stret't BACtl A; AHi:i., Dealen in 'ry Gouds Gro t'riuii, Ac Ac.No -ö outh Main -treet, Ani. Irbor. Wn. WAÍWNKK, Dealer in R adv Uadei'lotl ing, lotbs. C.issiinereH VesIlLs, Trankr Carpet liaj,'B, &c 21 -outh Mainstreet. VTÜArt W OHEEVEK, AlTORNEY AT LAW ! 01ie with E W. .Morgan. Knet side of Oonrt Hons S,iiure. 1331 XV O. CA Rit, Dentist, t mSuccesBor to C t'. " Jinkiue. LB3BÈë3. JSitrous Oxid A' :.- Cia6KlniiiiiHterel XÜs-' whea neceïsary. r Office over ft.5 Jli.icli & A tel 't ' S"""! "V " ' , Js'o. 26 Sou tl s Vitan öt. OROCKBKY GLASSWARE & GROCERIES, 7. &, F rormelly (T.ivt! in itore aljirgestnck f rockery. Glanpware Plated Ware, Ulli-ry Viruceries &(;., Ac., all tu b( soldat uuuBually low prices No 12 liast Huron Street. Ann Ar hor ll-.'8tf J. & V. OONNELLV. FÖHN G. QALL, IDEALER IIST F3E3H AMDSALTMEATS. L4RO. lDVflM. F. e.. Uriiersiolicitedand promptly llled rttta thehe I meats in the market. Cor ilunm and Fourth sts. Ann Arbor, Seyt. 1 - th. ÏSG'J. DR. C. A. LEITER, Physici.iii and Surgeon. Office over Watts1 Jewelry Storr, Miin "-ireet, Resid nee 63 Easi Hurou Street, l9tf ANX AKBOK MICH 1U A K K Mi ï , Q#'F Manufacturor of Oarriages,. Buggios, Wagons, AN ) SLEIaSS, of ftvery sty'o, made of the beai nidterial, uad warrnnte 1. Hepiiring done prompt lv tal )ftcí3 retsmrible. Detroit utree t, nenr K R. epot, Ann Arbor, lich. 1446y W. A. LOVLJjY, T0BA0CONIST ! Deals in both FINE CUT AN1) S3I0KING TOBACCO, Snuff, Pipes, &c, AT NO. 7 EAST H(JRO STREET, ííext to the Express Office. A.-V ARBOR, .ÏIICII. BUSINESS COLLEGE! Banlr Bloolï, Aun Arbor, - Michigan. No VHcations. Day classes throuehout the yesr. tudents enter ut any time. Iimrueti n accurdinp? tomost npproved plane. tudeuU luive Arluiil lotice" at the begiunint' of the couise in book wping. 144Ht JS EW EEAL ESTÁTE OFFICÏTÖF ABNER HITCHCOCK & 00. 43 South Main St., Ann Arbor, Mich. t'lty Property, Honses, Lots and Farms FOR SALE AND EXCHANGED. SOUTHERN LANDS FOR SALE. COLOMES LOC AT E D. STOCKS IV nOKTUtCIES FOtt SALE. 1478m3 AD MONEY' LOANED.


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