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Bulls Not Irish

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It was a Scotch woman who said that the butcher of her town only killed halt a beast at a time ; it was a Dutchman who said that a pig had no luarks on hiu ears except a short tail ; and it was a British uiagistrate, who, being tojLd by a vagabond that he was not marriud, responded, " That's a good tbing for your wite. ' It waa an English reporter who stated, at a meeting ot' the Ethnological Society there was exhibited " casta of the skull of an individual at different penods of adult lite, to show the changes produoed in ten years," though Dean Swift oeitainly mentions two skulls preserved in Ireland, one of a person wheu he was a boy, and the other of the sanie person wheu he grew to be a man. It was a Portugueso mayor who enumerated among the marks by which the body of a drowned man might be identiiied wben tound, " a marked impediment in his speech. It was a Frenchman, the fauaous Carlino, who, coutentedly laying his head upon a large stone jar for a pillow, replied to one wbo inquired if it was not rather hard, " Not at all for l've stuffed it with hay." It was an American le% turer who solemnly said one evening, " Pareuts you may have children, or if not your daughters may have." And it was a Geruiitn orator, who, warming with his subject, exolaimed, " There is no man, woman or child in the house, who has arrived at the age of fifty years, but whut has feit this truth lhuudriug through their minds for centurUe."


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