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How The Country Is Opened-up

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A United States Senator, belated, recently, ia his travels, stopped at a subBtantial and conifortable farm-house, and was entertained and hospitably invited to malte hiniself comfortable for the night. He observed, ia the morning, the comfort and substantial thrift of every thing around, and could uot but congratúlate his host on his lot. His flelds were well fenced, his barns were filled and his crops most piomising. Besides, too, the farmer had an industrious and amiable wife, and several bright and healthy children. " A farmer's life," remarked his guest " is certainly the happiest of all human lots, and I must say, my friend, that you are as happily fixed as any farmer I ever knew." " Wall," returned his host, " thatfs your notion, but 'taint mine. I intend to sell out and move next week." " Whither are you going ?" iuquired the inquisitivo Yankee. " Down into Texas." " Wnat, into that wild and disturbed country, meuaced by the whole Mexican army and by roving bands of Comanches and marauding Greasers - leave tbis peacef ui and happy home for euch & savage country, where you would have to sleep every night on your arma, and carry your rifle strapped acrost your shoulder while plowing in the field." "YasBiree!" was the eager reply, " who would give a cuss tolive in a country where he couldn't fight for his libertyP" The Öiamcse twins were Baptists. "But," ayg the Pretbyterian, " suppose oue had been a dit believer, how could the otht-r hare been immersedí'" Another &ay$ they were not Baptists - they were mitad SrethrQ.


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