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" He is but a landscape painter," as Tennyson singa in " The Lord of Burloigu " ; but once he wa8 a physician, and, if hia knowledge of medicine was equal to his knowledge of art, he was a very good physician. He was younger than he is now, and he is not oíd, and he was greener - greener than any spring foliage he ever paintod, and spring foliage, by the way, is a speciality of his. City bom and bred, ho made a short suminer visit into the country, and, while there, heard incidontally of a country doctor who wished to sell his praotice. Ha was hesitating, was our young friend, about his final choice of a profession, having failed to procure any but poor patients, who could not pay, and haviug also failed to paint any büt poor pictures, which would not sell. It was an even thing with him whether he became a starving artist, or reiuaiucd a starving physician. He was earning no mouey as either, nor was he likely to, in the city. Why not try the country ? lts inhabitants were houest, and simpleminded, he had soraewhoro read, and what, with the heat of the sun, and other novel peculiarities, thejr were, he thought, more liable to sickness than the denizens of a crowded city. Certainly the children were, for were they not perpetually eating green fruit? Tes, he would try the country, if, after looking into the practica that was to be disposed of, he could see a living in it. He called upon the disposing practitioner, who was but a little older than himself, - an affüble, good natured young fellow, though rather verdant, ha thought. The verdant one was willing to " vamoose the ranche," as he rauiarked, " for, between ourselves, there is e. lady in California whe is attnched to me, though you wouldn't think it, perhaps." " But about your practice ?" "I won't say anything nbout it. But to-morrow, if you like, say to-morrow forenoon, 111 harneas up, and you can see for yourself. It is not sickly now, I must teil you, but it's going to be soon, espeoially among children and old i'olks. Men like you and I inight live forever here, only they have no such men. Plenty of money though. My horse remembers the house of every patiënt in the neighborhood, and stops of hiinself at their doors. You can jot down the number as we jog along, and decide whether you'll buy me out or no. And now suppose we adjourn to the tavern (are you stopping thero?) and have something cooli' l'm thirsty, and want to smoke. Musn't smoke in my office, you know. Here's a cigar, you can smoke. Try it." They adjourned to tho tavern, had something cool, smoked, and carne to an agreement regarding the sum to be paid for the practice, past, present, and future - especially the future I The next forenoon the pair drovo through the town, or rather the country dootor did, and was a considerable time about it, so otten did th9 noble animal that drew the buggy stop. " Why, Doctor, noarly overy person in the town must have been under your hands," remarked our delighted cit, keeping a mental tally of the stoppages. "Yes, - suppose so, - at soiiio time or another. Get up ! " It was a constant " get up ! " to the horse, who appeared to remember his master's practice better than his master did. It was purchased at once for a good round sutn in cash, and that very at'teruoon the retired practitioner proceeded to the station, aocompanied by two or three aequaintances who were enjoying something hugely. "Best thing out!" said one. "Beats all," replied another; " eh, Doe ? " " Tol lol," he answered coolly. The train stopped, took him on, and went scroaming away with its precious freight - that affable, good-natured, verdant young person, who was going to California, where he had a tender attaohuient ! Days passed, and no patients. More days passed, and still no patieuts ! What did it mean ? Mean '{ - it meant that there was no p ractice there ! The country M. D. had borrowed tho horse of the milkman ! Thafs all ! " Only this, and nothing more." -


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