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An Ancient Mound

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The Leslie Herald give this description of an ancient inound near that village : "This mound, or rather enibankment, ineloses an área which has the shape of a eomewhat irregular ellipse, its longest or traverse axis extending directly north and south, and being about 11 rods in length, its conjúgate axis extending east and west, and being about eight rods in length. The embankment ia now only about two or three feet above the surrounding level, but it was originally at least six feet in beight. We find trees within the inclosure and upon the bank itself from two to two and one half feet in diameter, ehowing the mound to have been built at least 250 or 300 years. The soil has been thrown up from the outside, thus forming a ditch, which is about as deep as the bank ia high. There are three entrances now visible, one at the northern extremity, one at the southera and one at the eastern side nearly midway between the other two."


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