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Terrible Fire At Muskegon

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From the Grand Rápida Democrat. About 1 o'clock thia morning, a diipatch was reoeived by Mayor House man, anuounciiig that a terrible fire was raging at Muskegon, that the city was in danger of degtruction and asking for help. Orders were issued immediately to diapatch the steamer Caswell, No. 'ó, to that city, and in a few iuoineuts she was an roulu to Muskegon, the Michigan Central Railroad Coiupany having provided an engine and flat car for hor conveyanoe. The steamer is fully inannedand doulitloss is doing good service ere tIlÍH. A reporter of the Baily Democrat, acoompanied tlie firèmen, who will furnish full particulars of the conflagration. At '2 o'clock information was received that tour blocka of buildings had been burncd and the fire was still raging inadly, fanned by a heavy gale of wind from off the lake, and it was feared that the whole business portion of the city would fall a prey to the greedy flamea, which was sweeping away the many frame structures that line its atrtp, with appalling yet wonderful rapidity. At tuis time, the flames were uaaily seen from the Democrat building, lighting up the western horzion with a broad red glare. Messrs. Lyon and Oraham, operators of the Western Union Telegraph .Company's lines in this city, were aroused from their slumbers and cheerfully opened the office, that information of the terrible disaster might be obtained. About 2.30 they learned that the company's office in Muskegon, noar the business cent-, on Western avenue, was in danger of destruction, and immediately set to work to open communication over the Chicago and Michigan Lake Shore Railroad Company's line. Muskegon is a wooden town ; a pine town. Within its limits are stored mountains of combustible material. It haa not a dozen brick buildings. Thousands of acres are generally covered with piue lumber, slaba and shingles ; sawdust is scattered everywhere. Even the streets are paved with it. The city has alwaya been a standing invitation to the fire king to aweep down upou it and satisfy its appetite. lts milis, churches, stores, dwellings, blocks, hotels, all furnish food for an enemy that ia never satisfied. lts fire department consista of two steamers provided with a liniited quantity of hose, and a meager number of reservoirs are the only aource of water supply, except the lake, which is available to but a very small part of the city. Muskegon is not built compaotly ; its length ia upward of four miles, extending down the south side of the lake. It is a bad time for a heavy fire. Special Dispatch to the Grand Rápida Eagle. Muskegon, Aug. 1. - A fire broke out about 1 o'clock thig morning in Hart's boot and shoe store, corner of Western avenue and Terrace streeta. The wind was blowing hard at the time. Our three fire engines were promptly at work, but failed to arrest the progresa of the flamea. Everything on both sides of Western avenue as far north as Ryeraon & Hill's ofKce, burned inside of an hour. The fire then took in everythiug on both sides of Pine street as far aa the Court-house square, and thence east to the railroad. Leonard's, Odell's and Herbst blocka, the National Hotel and Foreat City House are among the most important buildings burned. The amount of loss is uot yet known. The insurance is liglit. The fire engine trom Grand Rapids arrived in time to be of great assistance. An engine carne from Whitohall alao. About 100 placea of business and 200 or more dwellinga are destroyed.


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