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Ann Abbok, THunsDAY.Auj;.. 18M Appleb.- 25@30c. BüTTEB - 20o. (Jorn- 80c. perbu. Cbickknb- Dresaed He Ehob- Command lic. Hay- 10@15 per ton, according to quality. Honey- In cap, 2Sc. Lard- The market tands at 1 lc. Onions- $1.50. Oats- 60c. PoTATOEe- $30 4OC. Whoktleberbies- lic. a quart. Tübnips- 60c. WHKAT-White, $1.0ó@L15; Amber $.903)1.05 ' TuBKEYS- 13c. Hetroit ProdiicoMarkot. Lalest quotations for leading articles oi countr produce- Aug., are as followa : WHEAT-white, $U5'3)1 22; amber Babley- 1.0O@1.75 per cental. Kye- C5@7Oc. per bu. Cobh- 65@T0c. Oats-3@55c. PoTATOES- $55@60c. HAY-$i2(ai8. Butter- 20,24c. EOGB- 14!] 5c. Labo - 1112c. HoNEY- Ü5(gi30CWooi.-33940c. per lb. Detroit Live Stock Market. From the Detroit Free Press. MoNDAY EVENINO, Aug. 3. The total receipts for the last two weeks were aB follows ; For the woek ending Aug. 8. July 27. Through State. Thro. State Horses go - ■ 30 Lattle 1,802 395 1,708 .,:,u Hg8 13,956 1,419 12,778 136 Sheep 3,196 200 1,222 The receipts of cattle were unusually heavy, and a break in prices was from the first almost certain. The number from the State ahowed a material inerease over former weeks, as compared with Illinois steers, and pricea were at least 50c per cwt. lower for the sanie quality oi choice steers. The receipts of hogs from local sources was also much heavier, and of sheep there was a greater number in than for several weeks. Among the sales of cattle, by the head, were 23, weighiug about 1,000 lbs. each, at $4.0 ; 8 weighiug about 800 lbs., at. $20.25. Mr. Breshnahan sold 10 good beeves, weighing about 950 lbs., for $32 a head. There were 24 pigs, wei),. ing about 85 lbs. each, at 5 l-2c ; 42 hogs, averaging 183 lbs., at 6c ; 54, averaging 188 lbs., at 6 l-2c. We quote : Choice steers, from 1,000 to 1,400 lbs 84 00 a ó 00 (Jood butchers' trom 900 to 1,200 lbs 3 75 a 4 2ó Stockere, 700 to 900 lbs, per head, 12 00 a 15 00 Good sheep, from 80 to 87 lbs, per wt3 75 a 4 00 Fat hogs, per cwt. 6 00 a 6 76 Pigs, mixed lots, per cwt. 5 50 a 6 52 Kino's Cattle Yards, ) Detroit, Monday evening, Aug. 3. 5 CATTLE. These yards were full to excess and boyen were very independent, buying at their own figures or not at all, and many drove their stocks home, but if the increase of qualities may le taken as an indication there will be little made by holding unless held until the grass season is over. Prices were at least 50c per cwt. off today for choice lots, and for small cattle by the head best judges variously e3timatetl the market at $3 to f5 lower. We quote : Choice beeves, shipping steei's and heifers, weighing from 1,200 to 1,500 lbs. $4 00 o 4 50 Good butchers' steers and heifers, averaging 1,000 to 1,100 lbs., 3 75 a 4 25 Wórking cattle, well fattened, averaging 1,000 to 1,500 lbs., 4 00 a i 2J Cows, common to choice, 3 75 n 4 Ui Stockers' and packers' medium steers, and heifers, in decent flesh, 800 to 1,000 lbs., 3 00 a 4 00 MILCH COWS. There were very few buyers in the market and but few offered, mostly of fair quality. One extra fresh young cow, large and fine, was otïereil at Y58, and was doubtless worth it ; 1 two-years old heiier, very sleek looking, but small and fat, was offered at $20 ; 1 fair cow, medium-sized, sold at 40. SHEEP. There were but few offered at these yards and the prices were about the same, 81 good ones, ayeraging 84 lbs., being in the number. A few lambs sold at $3.50 a head.


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