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Tiine is money, nnd many people pay their debts with it. Ignorance is the wet nurse of prejudice. Wit without sense is a razor without a handle. Half the discomfort of life ia the result of getting tired of ourselves. Benevolenee is the creatu on the inilk of human kinduess. People of good sense are those whose opinions agree with ours. Face all things ; even adversity is poli te to a man's tace. Passion always loweis a great man, but sometimes elevates a little one. Siyle is everything tbr a sinner, and a little of it will not hurt a saint. Men nowadays are divided into slow Christiaus and wide-awake cinners. There are people who expect to escape heil becauae of the crowd going there. Most people are like eggs, too full of themselves to hold anything else. It is little trouble to a graven image to be patiënt, even in fly-tiuie. Oíd age increases us in wisdom - and in rheumatism. A mulé is a bad pun on a horse. Health is a loan at cali. Wheat is a serial. I am glad of it. Manner is a great deal more attractive than matter, - speci.tlly in a inonkey. Adversity to a man is like training to a pugilist. It reduces hiin to his fighting weight. Pleasure is like treacle. Too much of it spoils the taste ior every thing. Necessity is the uiother of invention, but patent right is the father. Did you ever hear a very rich man sing ? Beware of the man with half-shut eyes. Ha's not dreaming. Man was built after all other things had been made and pronouuced good. If not, he would have ineisted on giving his orders as to the rest of the job. Mice fatten slow in a church, They can't live on religión, any more than ministers can. Fashion cheats the ecoentric with the claptrap of freedora, and raakes them serve her in the habiliments of the harlequin. Thore are farmers so full of soience that they won't st a gate post till they have had the ground under the gate post analyzed. Lady Visitor- My dear, do you know if your mamma is engaged 'i JLittle Girl of the Penod- Engaged V Bless you, why, she's marrivd ! A country editor having writteu, a long editorial on " Hogs," a rival paper upbraids him for intruding his fauiily matters upon the public


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