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TIKE INSURANCE. FKAZER, HAKRIMA & HAMILTOVS OFFICE OVER SAVINGS BANK, Aun Arbor, Michigan. We can now carry f uil linea in 8AFE and T3JUSTWOETHY Oompaniea, and our rateë are reasonnble. We are now carrying the best business risks in the city. We invite the Public to examine our Registers and judge for themselves of the kind ot business we are doing. We make a specialty of Dwelling House ïnsurance, and can give low ratea, and good indemit We rcpreiwnt the following wellknown Com panies: The Westchester, Organized 1837, Assetj, ÍC55,OOC.OO, Jan. lst 1874. The Allemannia, of Fittsburgl), Pa. Assets (472,000.00, Jan. lat Itüi, The Lancaster, ol Lancaster. Pa. Organized 1838. Aasets $307,000.00, Jan. lst 1874. The Michigan State, of Adrián, Organized 1859, Asaets $304,000.00, Jan lst, 1874. The National Fire Ins. Co. of Pliil. Asseta 667 ,000.00, Jan. lat, 1874. The Globe, of Chicago, 111. Aasets (460,000.00, Jan. lst, 1874. The Atlantic & Paeiflc, of Chicago, III. Assets $330,000.00, Jan, lst 1874. City, ProTidence, K. I. Asaets $182,000.00, Jan. lst, 1874. The Watertown Fire Insurance Coinpany, of Watertown, N. Y. Assets 556,000.00, Jan. lst, 1874. The Watertown was organized in Dec, 1S67, since whicb time its premium receipta and lossos have been as fullows to vit : Premium Receipts, Losse. Jan. 1, 1868, imonth - - $1,204 28 " 1869 .... 29,833 49 $1,855 00 " 1870 .... 46,642 69 6,'87 42 " 1871 .... 65,606 16 13,314 61 " 187J .... 141,417 (IS 3i,U8 97 ■' 1873 . - - 214,965 19 63,169 65 " 18T4 .... 352,228 01 105,296 04 Cash premiums reccived in 0 years - .{740,695 89 Loases in 6 years 220,1)46 39 Actual losses less tbas 30 per cent uf premium receipta. Exccss of premiuum receiptt over loases .... $.ii9,64a 50 IKCBBABE OF ABSiiT. Jan. 1, 1868, aeseta with $100,000 capital.. $111,354 31 Do. 1889, do. - - - - 122,684 60 Do. 1870, do. - - - 148,431 47 Do. 1871, do. - - . - 168.893 8 Do. 187 , do. --- 338,6 '3 IS Do. 18TS do. - . - - 441,500 64 Do. 1S74. do. 656,849 54 Thls shows a steady average gain in asseta of over $7.y 00 each year. Official statement of grow sset and liabilities Jan. 1,1874. towlt: (irss otfioially admitted assets - $658,849 90 Otücially calculated hubilities, induding reiusuruncefund - . 217,104 61 Suiplusastopolioy holden - - $340,745 39 If this record is evidence of bad management, safety and proflt to policy and stockholders would wish that other companies had a little ol it. The policy and prautice of this company have been steadily 10 increase it flnancial sohdity, by which justly to oommand the eonfldence of the public. To this end all surplus premium receipts have boen retained, allowing the etockholders only legal interest on the asBets. The interest on i invosted funds pays all dividend, leaving all surplus premiums for the additional security of the policy-holders. All we ask is that the people hall investígate for themselvee, aud we do nol fcar the reault. FRAZER, HARRIMAN & HAMILTON, Office orer the Navin(fn' Bank, H76m6 Ann Arbor, Mich. MANHOOD: How Lost, ïïow Restored ! Just published, a new edition of Dr Cuhir■! I'n f'elebrated Essay on the radical cure (without medicine) of Bpebmatobbhoia or SemiDal Weaknees, Involuntary Heminal Losaes, Imfotkncy, Mental and Physical Incapacity, Impedimenta to Mamage etc. ; also Consümftion, Kpilepsy and Fits, iuduced by self-indulgence or sexual extravaguuce ; Piles, &c. BarPrice in a sealed envelope, only six cents. The oelebrated author. in this admirable Kssay, clearly demonstrates from a thirty years' successful praotice, that the alanning oonsequences of selfabuse may be radically cured without the dangerous uee of internal medicine or the application of the knife; pointing out a mode of cure at onoe simple, certain, and effectual, by means of which every sufferer, no matter what his condition may be, may euro hiraself cheaply, privately, and radically. B"This Lecture should be in the hands of every youth and every man in the land. Sent under seal, in a plain envelope, to any address. pogl-paid, on receipt of six oents, or two postage Btamps. Also, DB. 8ILL8BEL'8 REMKDY FOB PILES. 8end for circular. Address the Publishera, CHAS. J. C. KLINE & CO., 1 2T Bowarr, Nsw uik, Fostomcc Box, 4580. 143011 Cpecial Notice! FOR THE NEXT 60 DAYS - THE - A.ÏSTN AEBOE TRADING Will sell their Spring and Suiuiner stook OF DRY GO O DS, DRESS GOODS, CRPETINa, At New York coat, FOR CASH ONLY. 500 nicely trimmed 16 bone Corsets at 50 cents, worth SI. 00. 100 pieces Prints at 10 ets. por yard. 100 piecos Border Prints at 10 ets per yard. 50 pieces, yard wide. Bleached Muslins, fine and soft finish, at ets per yard. Together with a very large Stock of other Goodg which will be sold very cheap FOR CASH ONLY coi and si mm. July 1, 1874. G. W. HAYS, Supt. jEW BAKEEY! STILINQ BROSWould infoim their numerous friends and the publio generally, that they have fltted up the store lately occupied by J. O. Wataon & Co., 28 East Huron St.. as a Bakerv and Confoctionery Store, and hope by a trlct attention to business to merlt and reoeive a share of patronage. Particular attention wlll be paid to the Ice-Cri-um Department, Weddinfr Cakes, Pyramida, all kinda of Fruit Cakes, and Ice-Cream furnished families or partie on short notice. Fresh Fruits and Confectionery always on hand. Goods delivered free of charge to any part of the city. Bemember the place, No. 28 East Huron Street. Ann Arbor, My 27, 1874. E. STILIXG, W. STIXLXO.


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